LSU Video Highlights

The videos listed below are self extracting compressed files and can not be played online. Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but it is the only way to cut back on the amount of traffic that is generated from the videos.

Once you download the self extracting .exe file, simply double click on it to unzip it. If you aren't comfortable running a zipped .exe file, you can rename the .exe extension to .zip and manually extract the video.

LSU Football Videos
Video Name File Size Video Size Length Format Notes
Boom 2 8.6 MB 320 x 240 3 Min, 17 Sec .WMV Includes Sugar Bowl Highlights
LSU Band 20.6 MB 320 x 240 5 Min, 29 Sec .WMV Pregame
LSU Band 17.5 MB 320 x 240 3 Min, 23 Sec .WMV Walk Down the Hill
Machinehead 9.6 MB 320 x 240 4 Min, 20 Sec .WMV Music Video (LSU vs. Auburn)
Thunderstruck 12.4 MB 320 x 240 4 Min, 51 Sec .WMV Music Video (removed intro)