LSU Football News: June 2004
Source Date Synopsis
LSU Sports 06/30/2004 LSU Finishes 11th in Final Director's Cup Standings
Boston Globe 06/30/2004 Weighting game is on tap for BCS
Sports Illustrated 06/30/2004 Checking in on's top 10 prospects for 2005
Dawg Post 06/30/2004 Vince Dooley retires as Georgia's AD
CBS SportsLine 06/29/2004 It's only human to worry about BCS
LSU Sports 06/29/2004 Spears, Whitworth Named to Award Preseason Watch Lists
LSU Reveille 06/29/2004 LSU Football Notebook
The Advocate 06/27/2004 Saban speaks mind on coaching, discipline, experience
Times Picayune 06/27/2004 Sports made Emmert good choice for Washington 06/27/2004 Clayton making his mark
Savannah Morning News 06/27/2004 Q and A with Vince Dooley
Times Picayune 06/26/2004 Offseason little rest for Saban
The Advocate 06/26/2004 LSU-Oregon State kickoff set for 5 p.m., ESPN GameDay Coming
The Advocate 06/26/2004 Saban speaks, coaches listen
Birmingham Post-Herald 06/26/2004 Nothing's happening, but let's talk football anyway
LSU Sports 06/25/2004 LSU-Oregon State Season Opener Set for 5 p.m. on ESPN
Louisiana Gannett News 06/25/2004 Saban lays into media
The Advocate 06/25/2004 Saban offers offseason report
CBS SportsLine 06/24/2004 Defending champ LSU nobody's pick in 2004 -- yet 06/24/2004 Signed and sealed, Hill ready to compete
USA Today 06/24/2004 New York Times withdraws from BCS poll
Opelousas Daily World 06/24/2004 LSUīs Saban marks opening of Home Depot
The Advocate 06/24/2004 Marquise Hill signs deal with Pats
ESPN 06/23/2004 Vote: Best SEC game of 2004?
Times Picayune 06/23/2004 DE Chase Pittman transfers from Texas to LSU
Alexandria Town Talk 06/23/2004 LSU legends now share recovery
LSU Sports 06/22/2004 New Season Tickets on Sale July 10
Associated Press 06/22/2004 New formula for BCS standings delayed
Tiger Rag 06/22/2004 All quiet on the football front
ESPN 06/22/2004 Marquise Hill to sign five-year deal this week
The Advocate 06/22/2004 Nation's attention on East St. John's Perrilloux
No articles 6/18 - 6/21
Orlando Sentinel 06/17/2004 Quiet but confident, McFarland aims to fill the hole created by Sapp's exit
Shreveport Times 06/17/2004 LSUís Barrington Edwards remains on team
Hampton Roads Daily Press 06/16/2004 BCS piggyback plan is just pig-ugly
Knight Ridder Newspapers 06/16/2004 Let's try to figure out BCS math, word skills
Sports Illustrated 06/15/2004 NCAA governs college sports, so why isn't it running D I-A bowl games?
USA Today 06/15/2004 NFL interns plan for career after football
College Football News 06/14/2004 Big Game Breakdown: LSU at Auburn
Shreveport Times 06/13/2004 SEC coaches: New recruiting guidelines an overreaction
The Advocate 06/13/2004 BCS questions still plentiful
Orange County Register 06/13/2004 BCS produces the Asterisk Bowl
Associated Press 06/11/2004 Davey predicted to join list of quarterback stars out of NFL Europe
Sports Illustrated 06/11/2004 Once again, BCS falls short
Shreveport Times 06/11/2004 BCS announces plans to add more teams
The Advocate 06/11/2004 BCS to add fifth game after 2006 regular season
CBS SportsLine 06/10/2004 Current BCS structure on its last leg
College Football News 06/10/2004 BCS plan doesn't give fans what they want
Birmingham Post-Herald 06/10/2004 While BCS controls cash, forget any playoff
Shreveport Times 06/10/2004 LSUís Saban vows to keep focus
Boston Globe 06/10/2004 Patriots' Davey has successful spring as NFL Europe's MVP
Associated Press 06/10/2004 As expected, BCS adopts 'double-hosting' model
Times Picayune 06/10/2004 BCS will play 2 games at title site 06/09/2004 Rohan Davey chosen as NFL Europe's offensive MVP
CBS SportsLine 06/09/2004 BCS powers expected to adopt 'double-hosting' model
Shreveport Times 06/09/2004 Saban to visit Shreveport tonight
ESPN 06/08/2004 Rage against the computers
Associated Press 06/08/2004 Saban-backed bill governing agents approved by lawmakers
CBS SportsLine 06/07/2004 Rose Bowl invokes Granddaddy clause in BCS talks 06/06/2004 Davey NFL Europe diary Ė Week 10
Louisiana Gannett News 06/06/2004 Recruiting practices analyzed at SEC meetings
Dallas Star-Telegram 06/05/2004 Bradie James working his way to living up to his looks
The Advocate 06/05/2004 SEC schools divide record $108.8 million
College Football News 06/04/2004 Preview 2004: LSU Tigers
The Advocate 06/04/2004 Saban draws crowd at meeting
College Football News 06/04/2004 SEC random summer thoughts and ranking the coaches
San Francisco Chronicle 06/04/2004 'Then and Now' powerful, poignant look at ESPN era
Associated Press 06/04/2004 SEC sets another record by distributing $108.8 million
Macon Telegraph 06/04/2004 SEC meetings focus on potential recruiting restrictions
Huntsville Times 06/03/2004 SEC rule changes to include players identified by number after penalties
CBS SportsLine 06/03/2004 Tigers report: Inside slant (Also see Notes, quotes & Strategy and personnel)
Associated Press 06/03/2004 SEC unveils grand reform package
Birmingham Post-Herald 06/03/2004 Clean SEC in five years is long shot
Times Picayune 06/03/2004 Commissioner's office to screen complaints on NCAA violations
Commercial Appeal 06/03/2004 Hush key word for SEC cheaters
The Advocate 06/03/2004 SEC crackdown on the books
Louisiana Gannett News 06/03/2004 SEC passes Slive's plan for cleaning up league
LSU Sports 06/02/2004 Fox Sports SouthWest to air Spring Game documentary June 03 at 7 p.m.
ESPN 06/02/2004 Adding fifth BCS bowl back in the mix
Commercial Appeal 06/02/2004 Repeat on Saban's mind for Tigers
Jaguars News 06/02/2004 Toefield defining role
Commercial Appeal 06/01/2004 Bowls, reforms, gambling top SEC meetings' agenda