LSU Football News: December 2004
Source Date Synopsis
Palm Beach Post 12/31/2004 Saban wants to finish job at LSU
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 It’s game day
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Capital Clash
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Capital One Bowl Scouting report
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Capital One Bowl Notebook
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Iowa’s Roth apologizes for obscene gestures
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Solomon makes most of second chance
ESPN 12/31/2004 Petrino says no LSU offer yet
ESPN 12/31/2004 LSU officials return to Baton Rouge
Orlando Sentinel 12/31/2004 LSU vs. Iowa not a typical matchup
Tiger Rag 12/31/2004 This week's recruiting scoop
Cedar Falls Courier, IA 12/31/2004 Spears leads dominating LSU defense
Cedar Falls Courier, IA 12/31/2004 Emotion an intangible when Iowa, LSU meet
Associated Press 12/31/2004 Will LSU give Saban a big sendoff against Iowa?
The Advocate 12/31/2004 Spears has million reasons to take Saban's advice
The Advocate 12/31/2004 Search committee interviews assistant Williams
The Advocate 12/31/2004 Tigers swap jerseys for final full-scale practice for bowl
The Advocate 12/31/2004 Security detail will remember Saban fondly
The Advocate 12/31/2004 Win over LSU turning point for Auburn
Times Picayune 12/31/2004 LSU interviews Slocum, high on Del Rio
Times Picayune 12/31/2004 Defenses primed for Capital One matchup
Times Picayune 12/31/2004 QB Drew Tate has carried Iowa offense through injury-plagued season
Times Picayune 12/31/2004 Petrino on the Spot
Shreveport Times 12/31/2004 Keep an eye on Ferentz for LSU job
Shreveport Times 12/31/2004 Loyal Iowa fans pack Orlando
Shreveport Times 12/31/2004 LSU tops 2004's best stories
Orlando Sentinel 12/31/2004 Marcus Spears hitting the right note
Orlando Sentinel 12/31/2004 'Next year' came too fast for LSU
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Spartan ties help Saban prepare for Hawkeyes
Iowa City Press-Citizen 12/31/2004 LSU's Vincent now excels on special teams
Chicago Tribune 12/31/2004 Hawkeyes find way in darkest of times
Cedar Rapids Gazette, IA 12/31/2004 Roth apologies for incident at Hawkeye Huddle
Des Moines Register 12/31/2004 Hawkeye defender Babineaux plays with dad on mind
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 McMahon cleared; Hawkeyes’ line at full strength
Hawk Mania 12/31/2004 Tate has Tigers on their toes
Associated Press 12/31/2004 LSU building new habitat for Mike the Tiger
College Football News 12/31/2004 Capital One Bowl Preview: LSU vs. Iowa
College Football News 12/31/2004 Fiesta Bowl Preview: Utah vs. Pittsburgh
College Football News 12/31/2004 Rose Bowl Preview: Texas vs. Michigan
College Football News 12/31/2004 Gator Bowl Preview: Florida State vs. West Virginia
College Football News 12/31/2004 Cotton Bowl Preview: Tennessee vs. Texas A&M
College Football News 12/31/2004 Outback Bowl Preview: Georgia vs. Wisconsin
College Football News 12/31/2004 Peach Bowl Preview: Miami vs. Florida
College Football News 12/31/2004 Liberty Bowl Preview: Louisville vs. Boise State
College Football News 12/31/2004 Sun Bowl Preview: Arizona State vs. Purdue
College Football News 12/31/2004 Music City Bowl Preview: Alabama vs. Minnesota
ESPN 12/30/2004 Petrino speculation has Card fans buzzing
Sports Washington 12/30/2004 Ask the Scout: LSU coaching search & Capitol One Bowl 12/30/2004 'Relaxed' Petrino deflects more inquiries about LSU job
Ascension Citizen 12/30/2004 Focusing on bowl, Hawkeyes last challenge for Saban-led Tigers
Ascension Citizen 12/30/2004 Saban leaves indelible mark on LSU
Louisville Courier-Journal 12/30/2004 Petrino can't escape LSU backdrop
Cedar Falls Courier, IA 12/30/2004 LSU had to find identity
ESPN 12/30/2004 Petrinos creating offensive juggernaut
The Advocate 12/30/2004 LSU Notebook: Fisher content with QBs of future
The Advocate 12/30/2004 Iowa quarterback Tate learns from mistake
Times Picayune 12/30/2004 Vincent makes best of situation
Times Picayune 12/30/2004 Fisher gets QBs through
Times Picayune 12/30/2004 Three plays turned two seasons
Times Picayune 12/30/2004 Nutt pulls out of picture
The Advocate 12/30/2004 Randall sees good, bad times during LSU career
The Advocate 12/30/2004 Fans need faith, hope right now
The Advocate 12/30/2004 Nutt no longer candidate for Tigers post
Shreveport Times 12/30/2004 LSU struggles in coaching search
Shreveport Times 12/30/2004 Iowa coach says he's happy where he is
Louisville Courier-Journal 12/30/2004 Petrino gives media the silent treatment
DesMoines Register 12/30/2004 Plain and simple, Spears tops on list
Hawk Central 12/30/2004 Saban has edge on Ferentz
Hawk Mania 12/30/2004 Swagger back in LSU offense
Hawkeye Nation 12/30/2004 Coach Ferentz Wants to Run
Hawkeye Nation 12/30/2004 McMahon Ready to Go
Associated Press 12/30/2004 Iowa Used to Being Considered Underdog
Hawk Central 12/30/2004 Hawk coaches check ego at door
Hawk Mania 12/30/2004 Hawkeyes’ Roth wants one for road in his final game
Associated Press 12/30/2004 Neuheisel Hoping for Chance to Coach Again
Ventura County Star 12/30/2004 Fear of change maintains status quo BCS system
College Football News 12/30/2004 Silicon Valley Bowl Preview: Northern Illinois vs. Troy
College Football News 12/30/2004 Holiday Bowl Preview: California vs. Texas Tech
College Football News 12/30/2004 Emerald Bowl Preview: Navy vs. New Mexico
College Football News 12/30/2004 Continental Tire Preview: Boston College vs. North Carolina
CBS SportsLine 12/29/2004 BCS committee would be pressure-cooker
Orlando Sentinel 12/29/2004 QB setup works for LSU
Florida Citrus Sports 12/29/2004 LSU Press Conference Quotes
Florida Citrus Sports 12/29/2004 Iowa Press Conference Quotes
Associated Press 12/29/2004 Bowl game gives Ferentz shot at redemption against old friend
Associated Press 12/29/2004 Nutt withdraws from consideration for LSU coaching job
The Advocate 12/29/2004 Several recruits rethinking LSU
The Advocate 12/29/2004 Injuries haven't slowed Iowa
The Advocate 12/29/2004 LSU Notebook
Times Picayune 12/29/2004 LSU has talked to at least 3 candidates
Times Picayune 12/29/2004 Whitworth mulling his options
Times Picayune 12/29/2004 Saban reflects, wishes the best for Tigers
The Advocate 12/29/2004 Petrino acknowledges talks with LSU officials
The Advocate 12/29/2004 Saban reflects on LSU career
The Advocate 12/29/2004 Dear Skip, Orlando is nice, but ...
Shreveport Times 12/29/2004 Finding the perfect college football coach
Shreveport Times 12/29/2004 LSU gets OK to talk to Arkansas coach
College Football News 12/29/2004 Keys to the Capital One Bowl
Go Pokes 12/29/2004 Oklahoma State's Miles, LSU Talk
Hawgs Illustrated 12/29/2004 LSU Talks To Nutt
Orlando Sentinel 12/29/2004 LSU players focus on bowl, not coach
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/29/2004 LSU, Iowa players help local children
Times Picayune 12/29/2004 Defensive end Roth lives up to the hype with Hawkeyes
Hawkeye Nation 12/29/2004 Iowa vs LSU: Preview and Prediction
Hawkeye Nation 12/29/2004 Offensive Coordinator Ken O'Keefe Talks Iowa Football
Hawkeye Nation 12/29/2004 Tate Talks LSU, 2004 Season
Hawk Mania 12/29/2004 Iowa assistant has endured tough year of field
Hawk Mania 12/29/2004 Hawks, Tigers are in ‘full game-week mode’
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/29/2004 Defense delivers for Hawkeyes
USA Today 12/29/2004 Playoffs? Playoffs? Doesn't look good, college football fans
Times Picayune 12/29/2004 Tuberville: I'm not going anywhere
Times Picayune 12/29/2004 Mumme takes offer with New Mexico State
The Advocate 12/29/2004 Mumme mum on New Mexico St. job
Palm Beach Post 12/29/2004 Dolphins keeping Spielman for now
College Football News 12/29/2004 Alamo Bowl Preview: Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State
College Football News 12/29/2004 Houston Bowl Preview: Colorado vs. UTEP
LSU Sports 12/28/2004 Tigers Practice Hard, Spend Afternoon with Area Kids
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/28/2004 Saban's candor instills faith, Spears says
Associated Press 12/28/2004 Petrino Meets LSU Officials About Job
Associated Press 12/28/2004 LSU hoping to hire new coach quickly
Associated Press 12/28/2004 Arkansas gives LSU permission to talk to Nutt
Birmingham Post-Herald 12/28/2004 In taking Dolphins' job, Saban proves he's no genius
Hawkeye Nation 12/28/2004 Trenchmen Looking to Turn Iowa's Fortunes
Hawkeye Nation 12/28/2004 Considine Focused on Football
Hawkeye Nation 12/28/2004 Larsen Done with Football? McCollom to Receiver?
Times Picayune 12/28/2004 LSU players jockey for position before game vs. Iowa
Times Picayune 12/28/2004 Saban signs five-year deal with Dolphins
The Advocate 12/28/2004 LSU contacts Petrino and Miles
The Advocate 12/28/2004 Senior LB Turner can't outlive big sack
The Advocate 12/28/2004 Saban signs with Dolphins
Shreveport Times 12/28/2004 Davis out as LSU candidate
Northwest Arkansas News 12/28/2004 Nutt says nothing to LSU ‘rumors’
Hawk Mania 12/28/2004 Spears puts his stamp on LSU defense
Hawk Mania 12/28/2004 Iowa plays waiting game
Des Moines Register 12/28/2004 Piecing together a line
Times Picayune 12/28/2004 Fortunes can change quickly, just ask Auburn
Times Picayune 12/28/2004 2000 Sugar Bowl put Virginia Tech's athletic program on the map
College Football News 12/28/2004 Insight Bowl Preview: Oregon State vs. Notre Dame
College Football News 12/28/2004 Independence Bowl Preview: Miami Ohio vs. Iowa State
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/27/2004 Saban, who signs contract with Dolphins, focuses on LSU
ESPN 12/27/2004 LSU talks opening with Louisville's Petrino
LSU Sports 12/27/2004 Tigers Continue to Practice for Iowa
LSU Sports 12/27/2004 Live Radio, TV Shows Scheduled for Thursday from Orlando
Associated Press 12/27/2004 Tuberville says again he's not interested in LSU job
Auburn Tigers 12/27/2004 Tuberville Denies Interest In Vacant LSU Job
Inside Tennessee 12/27/2004 Is LSU’s Loss Tennessee’s Gain?
College Football News 12/27/2004 Nick Saban leaves for Miami, why would he do this?
CBS SportsLine 12/27/2004 LSU report: Inside slant (also see Strategy, personnel & Notes, quotes)
Times Picayune 12/27/2004 Saban, Tigers still focused on Iowa
Times Picayune 12/27/2004 Search begins for Saban's replacement
The Advocate 12/27/2004 LSU players trying to concentrate on bowl
The Advocate 12/27/2004 Search begins for new coach
The Advocate 12/27/2004 Decision draws mixed reactions
Shreveport Times 12/27/2004 LSU begins lining up coach interview
Shreveport Times 12/27/2004 Quotes of the Year From 2004
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/27/2004 Top stories from 2004: No. 5 - It's LSU's BCS ball
Cox News Service 12/27/2004 In SEC, Tuberville looks farther West
Northwest Arkansas News 12/27/2004 LSU search has Arkansas flavor
OSU Insider 12/27/2004 Oklahoma State's Miles Asked About LSU Job
Associated Press 12/27/2004 Saban loves the challenge
Palm Beach Post 12/27/2004 Saban serious about bowl
Des Moines Register 12/27/2004 Saban, Ferentz stifle NFL talk
Iowa City Press-Citizen 12/27/2004 Saban says he, and his team, will be focused
Iowa City Press-Citizen 12/27/2004 Ferentz, Saban share lots of similarities
Hawk Central 12/27/2004 Capital One Bowl matchups to watch
Iowa City Press-Citizen 12/27/2004 Iowa football earns place among elite
Iowa City Press-Citizen 12/27/2004 Last go-round for one of the best defensive lines in Iowa history
CBS SportsLine 12/27/2004 Iowa report: Inside slant (also see Strategy, personnel & Notes, quotes)
Sports Illustrated 12/27/2004 Lost amid talk of end-of-year superlatives, Serna's story is truly special
St. Petersburg Times 12/27/2004 Next season, not record, on Clayton's mind
College Football News 12/27/2004 Motor City Bowl Preview: Toledo vs. Connecticut
College Football News 12/27/2004 MPC Bowl Preview: Virginia vs. Fresno State
LSU Sports 12/26/2004 Unseasonably-Cold Weather Greets Tigers' First Practice in Orlando
The Advocate 12/26/2004 Analysis: Possible LSU coaching candidates
The Advocate 12/26/2004 While Saban walks away, Bertman plans his next move
The Advocate 12/26/2004 Saban says Dolphins' offer just too good to turn down
The Advocate 12/26/2004 Rabalais: Saban was great, but song got old
Times Picayune 12/26/2004 Bertman: Search for next coach under way
Times Picayune 12/26/2004 LSU faithful deserved a proper Tigertown farewell
Shreveport Times 12/26/2004 Bertman already has candidates on his mind
Shreveport Times 12/26/2004 Saban's departure could affect recruiting
Shreveport Times 12/26/2004 Saban accepts Miami job
Shreveport Times 12/26/2004 Nick Saban timeline at LSU
Shreveport Times 12/26/2004 Text of Nick Saban's news conference
Alexandria Town Talk 12/26/2004 Saban's star brightest in Death Valley
Hawkeye Nation 12/26/2004 Ferentz's, Kirk & Brian, Talk About 'The' Question
Hawkeye Nation 12/26/2004 Hawks Chilly, Yet Focused in Orlando
Hawkeye Nation 12/26/2004 Ferentz, Hawkeyes Safely in Orlando
Hawkeye Nation 12/26/2004 Cap One Quote Book: Ferentz, Roth, Tate & Lewis
Des Moines Register 12/26/2004 Underdog Hawkeyes? That's OK with Iowa
Des Moines Register 12/26/2004 Scouting report: Capital One Bowl
Des Moines Register 12/26/2004 Hawkeyes knew they were in good hands with Drew Tate
Des Moines Register 12/26/2004 Hawkeye playmakers: Chad Greenway, junior linebacker
Des Moines Register 12/26/2004 Iowa bowl history
Miami Herald 12/26/2004 Huizenga sweetens the deal
Miami Herald 12/26/2004 Saban says he's ready for challenge that Dolphins require
Palm Beach Post 12/26/2004 Saban sees pros of coaching Dolphins
Palm Beach Post 12/26/2004 Hiring Saban bold and appropriate
Palm Beach Post 12/26/2004 Dolphins wary of 'disciplinarian' rep
Palm Beach Post 12/26/2004 Saban accepts Dolphins coaching job
Times Picayune 12/26/2004 Perrilloux: LSU 'isn't losing much ground'
College Football News 12/25/2004 Nick Saban leaves LSU
Florida Today 12/25/2004 LSU coach agrees to five-year deal with Dolphins
Florida Today 12/25/2004 What they're saying
Florida Today 12/25/2004 Carter's dad: 'Xavier will be fine'
Orlando Sentinel 12/25/2004 Saint Nick comes to Miami
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/25/2004 Saban gets five-year contract to have full control of Dolphins
LSU Sports 12/25/2004 Bertman Meets With Media Following Saban Announcement
The Advocate 12/25/2004 Flashbacks of Saban era
ESPN 12/25/2004 Saban a tough act to follow
LSU Sports 12/25/2004 Saban Leaving LSU to Coach the Miami Dolphins
Associated Press 12/25/2004 Saban accepts Dolphins job
College Sports Television 12/25/2004 Off to Miami: Nick Saban to Coach in the NFL
ESPN 12/25/2004 Saban decides NFL can't wait
Associated Press 12/25/2004 Saban to announce decision in Orlando tonight
Dolphin Digest 12/25/2004 Playing the waiting game
Shreveport Times 12/25/2004 Saban keeps Dolphins on hold
Times Picayune 12/25/2004 Saban still mulling Dolphins' offer
Times Picayune 12/25/2004 Recruiting quarterback Ryan Perrilloux
The Advocate 12/25/2004 Saban decision due this weekend
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/25/2004 Saban wants more time
Palm Beach Post 12/25/2004 Saban struggles with life-changing decision
Florida Today 12/24/2004 Dolphins still waiting
Florida Today 12/24/2004 Xavier Carter watching situation
Miami Herald 12/24/2004 Saban puts off decision on Dolphins' coaching offer (updated)
Associated Press 12/24/2004 Saban Weighs Dolphins Coaching Job (updated)
LSU Sports 12/24/2004 Saban Decision Expected in Next 24 to 48 Hours
Times Picayune 12/24/2004 Saban meets with agent; no decision on Dolphins
Times Picayune 12/24/2004 Timing seems right for Saban move to Dolphins
The Advocate 12/24/2004 Bertman denies reports LSU upping ante to keep Saban
The Advocate 12/24/2004 Dolphins position appealing
Shreveport Times 12/24/2004 Saban's dance with Dolphins continues
Shreveport Times 12/24/2004 Saban's Christmas will be bright either way
Miami Herald 12/24/2004 Saban mulling reported $4 to $5 million offer from Dolphins
Florida Today 12/24/2004 Miami waiting on Saban
Palm Beach Post 12/24/2004 Saban tells LSU he'll take more time to decide
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/24/2004 Saban mulling Miami offer
College Football News 12/24/2004 Hawaii Bowl Preview: Hawaii vs. UAB
Associated Press 12/23/2004 Dolphins Await Nick Saban's Decision
Miami Herald 12/23/2004 LSU ups ante in hopes of retaining Nick Saban
Dolphin Digest 12/23/2004 Saban soon?
Times Picayune 12/23/2004 Saban promises quick decision on offer
The Advocate 12/23/2004 Saban offered Dolphins coaching job
Shreveport Times 12/23/2004 Saban considering complete and official offer to coach Dolphins
Miami Herald 12/23/2004 Dolphins job is in Saban's hands
Associated Press 12/23/2004 Saban gets offer from Dolphins
Des Moines Register 12/23/2004 Fry with Hawkeyes, in spirit at least
Hawk Mania 12/23/2004 Hawkeyes sticking with last year’s travel itinerary
Hawkeye Nation 12/23/2004 Quality Control: Did Iowa Have It Right in 2004?
Akron Beacon Journal 12/23/2004 Garcia says he was warned about Butch Davis' flaws
Associated Press 12/23/2004 Big Ten asks NCAA to approve instant replay for all conferences
St. Petersburg Times 12/23/2004 Time to pull plug on BCS, worst in sports
Union Leader 12/23/2004 BCS calamity top story of the season - again
Associated Press 12/23/2004 BCS won't be destroyed by AP's decision
College Football News 12/23/2004 Las Vegas Bowl Preview: UCLA vs. Wyoming
College Football News 12/23/2004 Fort Worth Bowl Preview: Marshall vs. Cincinnati
ESPN 12/22/2004 Saban may take some time to make decision
Palm Beach Post 12/22/2004 Saban offered Dolphins head coach job
CBS SportsLine 12/22/2004 Personnel business; Saban would need help
Sports Illustrated 12/22/2004 In Saban, Dolphins would get a coach totally focused on winning
Ascension Citizen 12/22/2004 Saban considering many factors in deciding whether to leave LSU
LSU Sports 12/22/2004 Three Former Tigers Selected to NFL Pro Bowl
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/22/2004 Dolphins follow the Rooney Rule
The Advocate 12/22/2004 Bertman expects resolution soon in Saban saga
Times Picayune 12/22/2004 Saban, Dolphins ready to meet again
Shreveport Times 12/22/2004 NFL consultant close to Saban says today is the day
Miami Herald 12/22/2004 Offer to Saban expected today
Associated Press 12/22/2004 Dolphins want to talk with Saban again
Palm Beach Post 12/22/2004 Huizenga not ready to make an offer
Cedar Falls Courier, IA 12/22/2004 Ferentz: LSU best we've seen
Associated Press 12/22/2004 Auburn names Jacobs AD, Radakovich to stay at LSU
Shreveport Times 12/22/2004 SEC Policy in place to curtail fan celebrations in football, basketball
USA Today 12/22/2004 BCS is a joke, and nobody is laughing
USA Today 12/22/2004 Changes loom for BCS in wake of AP pullout
New York News Day 12/22/2004 Look for BCS by committee
Salt Lake Tribune 12/22/2004 BCS now faces overhaul or total elimination
College Football News 12/22/2004 AP out of BCS, journalists did the right thing
College Football News 12/22/2004 GMAC Bowl Preview: Memphis vs. Bowling Green
CBS SportsLine 12/21/2004 LSU report: Inside slant (also see Strategy, personnel & Notes, quotes)
Times Picayune 12/21/2004 Miami talks to Shell; Saban waits
The Advocate 12/21/2004 TAF appeals for help in keeping Saban at LSU
The Advocate 12/21/2004 LSU Notes: Tigers get rest after practice
The Advocate 12/21/2004 Job flirtations nothing new for Saban
The Advocate 12/21/2004 Coach denies report Dooley called Miami
The Advocate 12/21/2004 Perrilloux changes plan
Shreveport Times 12/21/2004 Saban decision may come soon
Shreveport Times 12/21/2004 LSU, Dolphins refute Dooley story
Palm Beach Post 12/21/2004 Miami makes nice pitch to Saban
CBS SportsLine 12/21/2004 Iowa report: Inside slant (also see Strategy, personnel & Notes, quotes)
Hawkeye Sports 12/21/2004 Narrowing Their Sights
Hawk Mania 12/21/2004 Ferentz can relate to Saban situation
Associated Press 12/21/2004 For once, spotlight not on Ferentz
Birmingham News 12/21/2004 Tuberville to get `substantial' raise, Radakovich AD front-runner
NBC Sports 12/21/2004 Only one way to fix BCS: Blow it up
Associated Press 12/21/2004 BCS told to stop using AP rankings
ESPN 12/21/2004 BCS formula may be on its deathbed
Boston Globe 12/21/2004 AP pulls out of BCS
Birmingham Post-Herald 12/21/2004 Another BCS year, another 'tweak'
Dallas Morning News 12/21/2004 BCS woes could lead to new formats
Associated Press 12/21/2004 Petrino Signs $1M Contract with Louisville
College Football News 12/21/2004 Champs Sports Bowl Preview
LSU Sports 12/20/2004 Tigers Continue Bowl Preparations for Iowa
ESPN 12/20/2004 Saban still the favorite to get job offer
Associated Press 12/20/2004 Saban has hard time sticking to bowl talk
Associated Press 12/20/2004 Dolphins interview Shell for coaching job; Bates next
Salem News, MA 12/20/2004 Saban dominates Dolphins news
Times Picayune 12/20/2004 LSU expects to pick from best
The Advocate 12/20/2004 Saban saga worries LSU board chairman
Shreveport Times 12/20/2004 Saban wants shot at NFL job
Miami Herald 12/20/2004 Saban plans move ahead
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/20/2004 Patriots, not new coach, are Miami's focus tonight
Palm Beach Post 12/20/2004 Even Saban would need time to resurrect Dolphins
Mercury News 12/20/2004 Cal's fate triggers BCS snowball effect
Orlando Sentinel 12/19/2004 Spurrier knows it's tough to say no to the NFL
Times Picayune 12/19/2004 Saban's timetable uncertain
The Advocate 12/19/2004 Q&A time as Saban's choice looms
The Advocate 12/19/2004 Saban awaits job description, offer from Miami
Shreveport Times 12/19/2004 Saban: Next move is up to Dolphins
Shreveport Times 12/19/2004 Truth be told, coaches don't always tell it
Louisiana Gannett News 12/19/2004 Tigers practice against Iowa tendencies
Palm Beach Post 12/19/2004 NFL a different world, can Saban defy the odds?
Palm Beach Post 12/19/2004 Shell says he wants shot with Dolphins
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/19/2004 Saban's rise hasn't come easily
Shreveport Times 12/19/2004 SEC commitments
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/19/2004 Buc's Clayton quickly shows NFL speed isn't everything
LSU Sports 12/18/2004 Tigers Turn Attention to Iowa
Times Picayune 12/18/2004 Dolphins clearing fast track for Saban
Times Picayune 12/18/2004 Linebacker Ken Hollis makes most of chance
The Advocate 12/18/2004 Saban game now is to wait
The Advocate 12/18/2004 Can LSU be dominant sans Saban?
Shreveport Times 12/18/2004 Preliminary work for Saban's successor has already begun
Shreveport Times 12/18/2004 Spears not concerned with Saban's job situation
Miami Herald 12/18/2004 Saban pitch retains speed
Miami Herald 12/18/2004 Saban fits well, but this puzzle needs more pieces
Palm Beach Post 12/18/2004 Saban hiring on hold
Associated Press 12/18/2004 Rookie Clayton making his mark with Buccaneers
ESPN 12/17/2004 Meeting between Dolphins and Shell possibly as early as Monday
Houston Chronicle 12/17/2004 LSU owes Saban a debt of gratitude
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/17/2004 Saban still front-runner for Dolphins; Shell, Shannon interviews
ESPN 12/17/2004 Saban to Miami could take time
Associated Press 12/17/2004 Dolphins plan to interview minority candidate; Saban still top choice
Associated Press 12/17/2004 Bertman: Dolphins offer to Saban imminent
ESPN 12/17/2004 Hitting pause: Miami not signing Saban just yet
Birmingham News 12/17/2004 If Saban goes to Miami, SEC will see glee
Times Picayune 12/17/2004 Indications are Saban waiting on firm offer
Times Picayune 12/17/2004 Recruits monitoring Saban's every move
The Advocate 12/17/2004 For Tigers, Saban talk yearly event
The Advocate 12/17/2004 LSU at financial limit on Saban
The Advocate 12/17/2004 Curious Perrilloux still considering LSU
Shreveport Times 12/17/2004 Saban decision should come in a week
Shreveport Times 12/17/2004 Tim Brando: Saban situation requires close attention
Miami Herald 12/17/2004 Saban offer to come soon
Daily Iowan 12/17/2004 Randall: Proving his consistency
Daily Iowan 12/17/2004 Spears: Defending his decision
Daily Iowan 12/17/2004 Only one will win
The Advocate 12/17/2004 LSU picks O'keefe for chancellor
Houston Chronicle 12/17/2004 O'Keefe accepts LSU position
Birmingham Post-Herald 12/17/2004 Think there are too many bowls? Then think again
Commercial Appeal 12/17/2004 Ole Miss believes new hire is new man
USA Today 12/17/2004 BCS mulls letting panel set title game
Local (This Site) 12/17/2004 BCS standings for 2004 using the formula from 2003
The Advocate 12/17/2004 Clayton proves real worth when it counts
Bradenton Herald 12/17/2004 Rookie sensation Michael Clayton
USA Today 12/16/2004 Coaches feel pressure to release votes
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/16/2004 Saban's the leading man, but Dolphins say they'll follow NFL rules
Associated Press 12/16/2004 LSU Board of Supervisors unanimously votes to make O'Keefe chancellor
Tiger Rag 12/16/2004 The Saban Situation - Will he stay or will he go?
Times Picayune 12/16/2004 Saban has little to say about his meeting with the Dolphins
Times Picayune 12/16/2004 Dolphins have a lot to offer, including total control, big bucks
Times Picayune 12/16/2004 Saban might be ready to scratch that NFL itch
Times Picayune 12/16/2004 Clayton sees Saban in NFL
The Advocate 12/16/2004 Five-year itch could make Saban a goner
The Advocate 12/16/2004 Saban: I'll be at bowl game
The Advocate 12/16/2004 Latest saga puts recruits on hold
The Advocate 12/16/2004 Tigers fans hoping Saban decides to stay
The Advocate 12/16/2004 Venturi, ex-Tigers: Saban NFL-ready
The Advocate 12/16/2004 Former NASA chief meets interviewers, faculty at LSU
Louisiana Gannett News 12/16/2004 LSU fans not surprised by Saban's chat with Dolphins
Louisiana Gannett News 12/16/2004 After interview, Dolphins' job Saban's for taking
Associated Press 12/16/2004 LSU begins work for bowl, questions surround Saban
Florida Today 12/16/2004 Saban, Dolphins testing the waters
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/16/2004 Dolphins talk with LSU's Saban
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/16/2004 Saban has won many Dolphins' respect
Florida Sun-Sentinel 12/16/2004 Coaching the Dolphins is more than X's and O's
Mercury News 12/16/2004 Notebook: ESPN wants coaches' votes in its poll to be made public
LSU Sports 12/15/2004 Tigers Begin Bowl Preparations, Practice Indoors
Miami Herald 12/15/2004 Dolphins in hot pursuit of LSU's Saban
College Sports Television 12/15/2004 Saban Going Swimming?
Tiger Rag 12/15/2004 Saban Watch: Update on coach's status
CBS SportsLine 12/15/2004 Saban meets with Dolphins for 'preliminary conversation'
ESPN 12/15/2004 Saban talked to Bears last season
LSU Sports 12/15/2004 Saban Meets with Officials of the Miami Dolphins
Tiger Rag 12/15/2004 End of an era: Viacom replaces Louisiana Network for LSU's multi-media
NCAA Sports 12/15/2004 Spears and Wilkerson 2004 Consensus All-Americans
Ascension Citizen 12/15/2004 LSU, Capital One Bowl have decades-long ties
The Advocate 12/15/2004 Capital One berth lucrative for LSU coaches
The Advocate 12/15/2004 Reporting on Saban can be tricky
Daily Iowan 12/15/2004 LSU tough draw for Hawks
Daily Iowan 12/15/2004 Coaching masterminds
Hawk Mania 12/15/2004 Break over, LSU begins preparation for Hawks
Associated Press 12/15/2004 Ole Miss settles on Southern Cal's Orgeron
ESPN 12/15/2004 Erickson tells players he's not going to Ole Miss
Philadelphia Inquirer 12/15/2004 BCS chases its tail in different directions each year
Starkville Daily News 12/15/2004 Jackie Sherrill sues NCAA for millions
USA Today 12/15/2004 More leagues consider replay
SEC Sports 12/14/2004 SEC Football Bowl Previews
SEC Sports 12/14/2004 SEC Post-Season Football Bowl Release
Associated Press 12/14/2004 SEC imposes stiffer fan-player safety rules
Tiger Rag 12/14/2004 Orlando - Much more than Mickey Mouse
The Advocate 12/14/2004 All-American honors, Spears leads 3 Tigers on AP team
Shreveport Times 12/14/2004 Saban getting mentioned as Dolphins candidate again
Miami Herald 12/14/2004 Talk of Saban in Miami might be premature
Palm Beach Post 12/14/2004 Dolphins expected to interview Saban this week
Alexandria Town Talk 12/14/2004 'Voice of Tigers' began career at Leesville High
Times Picayune 12/14/2004 Chancellor pick is no slam-dunk
Florida Today 12/14/2004 Sean O'Keefe's legacy
Associated Press 12/14/2004 49ers give Ole Miss OK to talk to Erickson
Shreveport Times 12/14/2004 Are there too many bowls?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer 12/14/2004 College Football: Bowls about much more than money
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/14/2004 Gruden thinks best is still yet to come for Michael Clayton
USA Today 12/13/2004 Coaches' secret ballots on defensive
LSU Sports 12/13/2004 AP All-Americans: Spears 1st Team, Webster 2nd Team, Wilkerson 3rd Team
Tiger Rag 12/13/2004 ViewPoint: Where We Stand
CBS SportsLine 12/13/2004 LSU report: Inside slant (also see Strategy and personnel & Notes, quotes)
College Football News 12/13/2004 CFN's All-American Defense: Spears 1st Team
College Football News 12/13/2004 CFN's All-American Offense: Wilkerson 2nd Team, Whitworth 3rd Team
The Advocate 12/13/2004 O'Keefe to meet on Thursday with LSU chancellor search committee
Hawkeye Nation 12/13/2004 Iowa's Roth, Babineaux Honored by Associated Press
CBS SportsLine 12/13/2004 Iowa report: Inside slant (also see Strategy and personnel & Notes, quotes)
Shreveport Times 12/13/2004 Some poll should vote Auburn No. 1
College Football News 12/13/2004 New Orleans Bowl Preview: North Texas vs. Southern Miss
Times Picayune 12/13/2004 New Orleans Bowl: Mean Green's Cobbs shows he's more than a runner
Times Picayune 12/13/2004 New Orleans Bowl: Mirroring coordinators to square off
LSU Sports 12/12/2004 Tigers Land Six on LSWA All-Louisiana First Team
Shreveport Times 12/12/2004 LSU headed for another top-notch recruiting class
ESPN 12/12/2004 Washington to hire Willingham
Associated Press 12/12/2004 Stanford hires Harris away from Pitt
Hawkeye Football 12/12/2004 Babineaux, Tate named Iowa MVPs
Des Moines Register 12/12/2004 Hawkeye players could be fretting semester grades
The State, SC 12/12/2004 10 questions for Spurrier
Shreveport Times 12/12/2004 Miami Ohio's history underrated by outsiders
Miami Herald 12/12/2004 College coaching game takes turn for the worse, many say
LSU Sports 12/11/2004 Arnold Named Freshman All-American by Sporting News
Orlando Sentinel 12/11/2004 NASA chief to resign, seeks university post
Houston Chronicle 12/11/2004 O'Keefe poised to step down from NASA post
Florida Today 12/11/2004 NASA chief O'Keefe top candidate for LSU job
The Advocate 12/11/2004 LSU Notebook: Fisher linked to Ole Miss, Clemson jobs
Knight Ridder News 12/11/2004 Whoa! Six computer rankings have big byte
Knight Ridder News 12/11/2004 Charlotte Observer no longer wants to be part of BCS mess
ESPN 12/11/2004 Weis to be introduced as Irish coach Monday
Associated Press 12/11/2004 Leinart becomes sixth USC player to win Heisman Trophy
AU Tigers 12/11/2004 Frustrated Fan Starts Peoples Poll
Silver Chips Online, MD 12/11/2004 BCS blows it again
Dallas Star-Telegram 12/11/2004 Race for the Heisman Trophy remains too close to call
The Advocate 12/10/2004 Wilkerson awarded Remington Trophy as top center
The Advocate 12/10/2004 LSU gets advance from SEC to cover trip
College Football News 12/10/2004 CFN's 2004 All-SEC Team
Iowa City Press-Citizen 12/10/2004 Not favored, not a problem
Des Moines Register 12/10/2004 Ferentz moving on? Players know better
Hawkeye Football 12/10/2004 Many Happy Returns
Quad City Times, IA 12/10/2004 Underdog role just fine with Hawkeyes
Sports Illustrated 12/10/2004 Crazy firings, hirings prove winning isn't everything, it's the only thing
Orlando Sentinel 12/10/2004 BCS is still one big mess
Shreveport Times 12/10/2004 College football needs more national appeal
Shreveport Times 12/10/2004 Fans of I-Bowl teams put hoops on hold
Times Picayune 12/10/2004 Season has been standing still for rookie speedster Devery Henderson
ESPN 12/10/2004 College Football Awards Winners
LSU Sports 12/09/2004 Spears Named to Walter Camp All-America First Team
LSU Sports 12/09/2004 Wilkerson Wins Rimington Trophy as Nation's Top Center
LSU Sports 12/09/2004 Bowl Patch Offered for Discounts, Special Events at Capital One Bowl
The Advocate 12/09/2004 Saban, Ferentz respect each other's programs
Orlando Sentinel 12/09/2004 Cap One coaches swap platitudes
ESPN 12/09/2004 Recruiting hits and misses
ESPN 12/09/2004 Frisby's story hits home
USA Today 12/09/2004 BCS debate rages on
Tiger Rag 12/08/2004 SEC News & Notes
Ascension Citizen 12/08/2004 Randall, LSU learned late how to deal with pressure
Associated Press 12/08/2004 AP All-SEC teams, Spears unanimous pick
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/08/2004 Capital One, here we come: Tigers to face Iowa
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/08/2004 Don’t celebrate too quickly
The Advocate 12/08/2004 Clemson considering Fisher as offensive coordinator
The Advocate 12/08/2004 Costly penalty against LSU not forgotten
Hawkeye Sports 12/08/2004 Hawkeye Bowl Notes: Iowa to play in third straight January bowl game
Press-Enterprise, CA 12/08/2004 BCS now drags polls into its deepening mess
Fox Sports 12/08/2004 College football needs a playoff system (Parody)
ESPN 12/08/2004 Vote: College Football Playoffs
Associated Press 12/08/2004 Black Coaches Association to recruits, assistants: Stay away from SC
Birmingham Post-Herald 12/08/2004 Being passed over for national title shot nothing new
ESPN 12/08/2004 For Argument's Sake
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/08/2004 As the coaching carousel turns
The Advocate 12/08/2004 Time's right for playoffs in Division I-A
Times Picayune 12/08/2004 Auburn never could close gap
Shreveport Times 12/08/2004 Coaches not finding security at college level
Maryville Daily Times, TN 12/08/2004 Vols, Aggies match-up a cash cow for Cotton Bowl
The Tennessean 12/08/2004 BCS a mess with many questions
Indiana Digital Student 12/08/2004 Gerry DiNardo Q&A
New Orleans Channel 12/07/2004 Caution Urged For Those Buying LSU Bowl Tickets
The Advocate 12/07/2004 Initial bowl payout 'not much'
Times Picayune 12/07/2004 Bertman: Saban's not going anywhere
Times Picayune 12/07/2004 Lawmakers get sweet treat for Sugar, Capitol One bowls
Iowa City Press Citizen 12/07/2004 Iowa, LSU fans snatch up tickets
Inside Texas 12/07/2004 December 7 Put 1941 Rose Bowl Snub of Texas In Perspective
Associated Press 12/07/2004 Urban renewal begins at Florida
Sports Illustrated 12/07/2004 AP poll voters' late switcheroos, confidential coaches votes inexcusable
Courier-Journal, KY 12/07/2004 Louisville's Petrino not considering other coaching offers
Associated Press 12/07/2004 Florida won't let Zook coach in Peach Bowl
Sporting News 12/07/2004 Three-and-out now the norm in college football
Washington Post 12/07/2004 Fans still waiting for the day college football has a playoff
Tampa Tribune 12/07/2004 One `Plus-One' Can Equal Two Best BCS Teams
Fan Blogs 12/06/2004 Final AP Poll: How they voted
Salt Lake Tribune 12/06/2004 BCS illusion transparent to everyone
LSU Sports 12/06/2004 Tigers Land Eight on All-SEC Coaches Teams
The Advocate 12/06/2004 Saban: Iowa will be tough in Orlando
The Advocate 12/06/2004 Happiness is all about perspective
Times Picayune 12/06/2004 Capital One Bowl is sold out; allotted tickets gobbled up
Times Picayune 12/06/2004 Bowl invite proves LSU earned national respect
Shreveport Times 12/06/2004 LSU going to Disney World
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/06/2004 What's in LSU's wallet? An invite from Capital One
CBS SportsLine 12/06/2004 LSU report: Inside slant (also see Strategy and personnel & Notes, quotes)
Sioux City Journal, IA 12/06/2004 Iowa-LSU matchup is a good one
Daily Iowan 12/06/2004 Ferentz: It's going to be a tough ball game
Associated Press 12/06/2004 Pac-10 commissioner calls for coaches vote to be public
Gainesville Sun 12/06/2004 Zook will coach Illinois, Strong may take Gators to Peach Bowl
ESPN 12/06/2004 Out with the new, in with the old
CBS SportsLine 12/06/2004 Iowa report: Inside slant (also see Strategy and personnel & Notes, quotes)
The Advocate 12/06/2004 Auburn, Va. Tech to play in Sugar
Times Picayune 12/06/2004 Benson's Christmas wish? How about Saint Nick?
Times Picayune 12/06/2004 Auburn frustrated but 'honored' to be in Sugar
Shreveport Times 12/06/2004 BCS aside, college still better than pro football
Shreveport Times 12/06/2004 I-Bowl must remember its roots
Boston Herald 12/06/2004 Gay old time for rookie
LSU Sports 12/05/2004 Orlando Bound! Tigers to Play Iowa in 2005 Capital One Bowl
LSU Sports 12/05/2004 Spears Named Team MVP at Annual Football Awards Banquet
College Football News 12/05/2004 Monday Morning Quarterback: How the media handled the BCS coverage
College Football News 12/05/2004 Instant Analysis - BCS Results and coverage
ESPN 12/05/2004 The BCS once again fails to satisfy
Sports Illustrated 12/05/2004 Oklahoma-USC a great game, but will it outweigh BCS' negatives?
Associated Press 12/05/2004 USC, Oklahoma get Orange Bowl berths; Auburn falls short
Associated Press 12/05/2004 Texas squeaks into Rose Bowl to play Michigan
Associated Press 12/05/2004 Cal frustrated after Texas takes Rose Bowl spot
Associated Press 12/05/2004 Pitt makes it to BCS -- and won't apologize for it
ESPN 12/05/2004 Road to the BCS: USC, OU will meet in the Orange Bowl
Sports Illustrated 12/05/2004 In a season filled with perfection, Auburn picked wrong time to go 12-0
CBS SportsLine 12/05/2004 Auburn's closing argument won't sway the BCS
The Advocate 12/05/2004 Tigers excited with Capital One Bowl bid
Shreveport Times 12/05/2004 LSU to play Iowa in Capital One Bowl
The Advocate 12/05/2004 SEC Notebook: Bobby Gaston says officials were right
The Advocate 12/05/2004 Auburn doesn't make strong enough statement
The Advocate 12/05/2004 LeFors' family, friends show support for QB
Times Picayune 12/05/2004 USC, Oklahoma on course for Orange
Times Picayune 12/05/2004 12-0 Auburn likely bound for Sugar Bowl, not Orange
Shreveport Times 12/05/2004 Auburn finishes season 12-0 but won't get to play for national title
Shreveport Times 12/05/2004 Bowl picture comes into focus
Shreveport Times 12/05/2004 ACC could be an I-Bowl option
Louisiana Gannett News 12/05/2004 Slive presents case for Auburn, SEC in BCS Championship game
Associated Press 12/05/2004 USC, Oklahoma and Auburn create a BCS headache
Associated Press 12/04/2004 Iowa to play LSU in Capital One Bowl
Hawkeye Sports 12/04/2004 Iowa faces "tough draw" in Capital One Bowl
Tiger Rag 12/04/2004 Tigerwrap: This week's recruiting scoop
ESPN 12/04/2004 Perfect isn't good enough for Auburn
ESPN 12/04/2004 OU 42 - Colorado 3, Oklahoma wins Big 12's BCS and probable Orange bowl bid
ESPN 12/04/2004 Auburn 38 - Tennessee 28, Auburn wins SEC's BCS bowl bid
ESPN 12/04/2004 USC 29 - UCLA 24, USC wins PAC 10's BCS and probable Orange bowl bid
ESPN 12/04/2004 Virginia Tech 16 - Miami 10, Va. Tech wins ACC's BCS bowl bid
ESPN 12/04/2004 Pittsburgh 43 - South Florida 14, Pittsburgh wins Big East's BCS bowl bid
Gator Bait 12/04/2004 Official University of Florida statement on hiring of Urban Meyer
The Advocate 12/04/2004 BCS numbers don't add up for Auburn
The Advocate 12/04/2004 Tennessee likes underdog role
The Advocate 12/04/2004 LeFors seeks to pile up points
Shreveport Times 12/04/2004 Crucial day in college football arrives today
Shreveport Times 12/04/2004 Auburn out to 'win big' in SEC title game
Times Picayune 12/04/2004 Auburn can make case on national stage today
Times Picayune 12/04/2004 Auburn vs. Tennessee Preview
Times Picayune 12/04/2004 Enough BCS bashing already (Editor's Note: Not so fast my friend)
Houston Chronicle 12/04/2004 Sooners out to avoid repeat in Big 12 title game
Washington Times 12/04/2004 Unbeaten Auburn looks like a loser
Washington Times 12/04/2004 Ryan Clark fills in admirably
LSU Sports 12/03/2004 Wilkerson Named Rimington Trophy Finalist
College Sports TV 12/03/2004 Thumbs Up for 2004 Top Performers and a Peek into the Future
The Advocate 12/03/2004 Spears, Webster, Wilkerson on AFCA All-America first-team
The Advocate 12/03/2004 Perrilloux among prospects LSU to host
LSU Reveille 12/03/2004 Tiger football expects bowl bid Sunday
Gator Bait 12/03/2004 Meyer Accepts
Detroit Free Press 12/03/2004 BCS has own way of saying No. 1
Associated Press 12/03/2004 Tuberville Leads Auburn to SEC Title Game
USA Today 12/03/2004 Utah's Meyer reportedly picks Florida over Notre Dame
San Francisco Chronicle 12/03/2004 Even with win, Cal could slip in BCS: Other notes
Birmingham Post-Herald 12/03/2004 BCS honcho Weiberg is hilarious
The Advocate 12/03/2004 Different team, same road trip for Clausen
Shreveport Times 12/03/2004 Auburn's Campbell makes good on change
Shreveport Times 12/03/2004 Tim Brando: Road to title game unclear
Louisiana Gannett News 12/03/2004 Berlin's turnaround easy as 1 ..., 2 ..., 3
Times Picayune 12/03/2004 Louisville's Stefan LeFors making most of his only scholarship offer
Washington Times 12/03/2004 It's a mad, mad whirl
USA Today 12/03/2004 No. 3 Auburn just wants fair shake
Louisiana Gannett News 12/03/2004 Domanick Davis back on track
LSU Sports 12/02/2004 Spears, Webster, Wilkerson Named AFCA All-Americans
SEC Sports 12/02/2004 Eight SEC Players on 2004 AFCA All-America Team
Shreveport Times 12/02/2004 Bertman expects Saban to stay - for now
Shreveport Times 12/02/2004 This Week in the SEC
ESPN 12/02/2004 Road to the BCS: Sorting through all the scenarios
USA Today 12/02/2004 Spoilers out to shake up BCS bowl game scenarios
USA Today 12/02/2004 College football hopes to finish with flourish
Associated Press 12/02/2004 East Carolina hires Skip Holtz to lead football team
Associated Press 12/02/2004 Vols: No suspensions coming despite bar brawl
Associated Press 12/02/2004 Gators may not get their top choices
Associated Press 12/02/2004 Sportsview: Which Are the Best Two Teams?
Associated Press 12/02/2004 MAC trying to go big time with five teams in bowl games
Birmingham Post-Herald 12/02/2004 Perhaps Roy Kramer was right all along
Daily Oklahoman 12/02/2004 Announcers want coaches to reveal their votes
Shreveport Times 12/02/2004 Former LSU quarterback Clausen reaches top with Vols
Shreveport Times 12/02/2004 Independence Bowl may be hard sell
Times Picayune 12/02/2004 College football coaches getting less time to prove themselves
Associated Press 12/02/2004 Dreaming of an NCAA football playoff
USA Today 12/02/2004 Utah on verge of big play day, huge payday
College Football News 12/02/2004 SEC Championship Preview: Auburn vs. Tennessee
College Football News 12/02/2004 Big XII Championship Preview: Colorado vs. Oklahoma
College Football News 12/02/2004 ACC "Championship" Preview: Virginia Tech vs. Miami
College Football News 12/02/2004 PAC 10 Fearless Predictions: USC at UCLA and California at Southern Miss
College Football News 12/02/2004 Big East Fearless Predictions: Pittsburgh at South Florida
College Football News 12/02/2004 MAC Championship Preview: Miami Ohio vs. Toledo
College Football News 12/01/2004 Countdown to the Orange Bowl (and BCS)
Tiger Rag 12/01/2004 Report Card: The final grades are in
LSU Sports 12/01/2004 Niswanger Named First-Team Academic All-American
SEC Sports 12/01/2004 SEC Football Success Continues in 2004
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/01/2004 Tigers set to go bowling
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/01/2004 Rushing: Better late than never
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/01/2004 Logic behind the new Associated Press football rankings?
LSU Reveille 12/01/2004 Saban praises Randall, dominant defense
LSU Reveille 12/01/2004 Randall deserves respect
Grenada Daily Star, MS 12/01/2004 LSU feeling no different than normal
The Advocate 12/01/2004 LSU's bowl fate set: Capital One or Cotton for Tigers
The Advocate 12/01/2004 Notes from bowls to basketball
The Advocate 12/01/2004 LSU enters negotiations with Viacom Sports/Westwood One
Shreveport Times 12/01/2004 LSU's bowl trip depends on Auburn
Alexandria Town Talk 12/01/2004 Randall's effort like Screen door to pasts
CBS SportsLine 12/01/2004 Tigers report: Inside slant (also see Strategy and personnel & Notes, quotes)
Shreveport Times 12/01/2004 LSU settles academic lawsuit
Associated Press 12/01/2004 Ole Miss coach David Cutcliffe fired after 4-7 season
Associated Press 12/01/2004 Browns' Davis quits; ex-LSU player Robiskie interim coach
Associated Press 12/01/2004 IU football coach DiNardo fired
Shreveport Times 12/01/2004 Independence Bowl turns attention to Mid-American Conference
Opelousas Daily World 12/01/2004 Ex-LSU QB Clausen lifts Tennessee into title tilt
Birmingham News 12/01/2004 Tuberville pleads Auburn's case
USA Today 12/01/2004 Backstage at the Peach Bowl
Chicago Sun Times 12/01/2004 Illinois takes look at Florida's Zook (corrected link)
Cleveland Plain Dealer 12/01/2004 Old college ties still remain for Butch Davis