LSU Football News: January 2005
Source Date Synopsis
USA Today 01/31/2005 Fate often plays role in football recruiting
NBC Sports 01/31/2005 NCAA needs to tighten recruiting regulations
CBS SportsLine 01/31/2005 Schools will always bend rules to land prized recruits
Dallas Star-Telegram 01/31/2005 Signing day caps college football's sleazy season
Associated Press 01/31/2005 Another coach denies government testimony in recruiting trial
Fox Sports 01/31/2005 Recruiting: Enigmatic Perrilloux still undecided
Sporting News 01/31/2005 BCS commissioners to work on rankings system without AP poll
Sporting News 01/31/2005 'Street agents' are sliming the system
The Advocate 01/31/2005 Perrilloux wait down to final two days
Boston Globe 01/31/2005 Jarvis Green content just plugging run game
Times Picayune 01/31/2005 Perrilloux to announce decision Wednesday on CSTV
Houston Chronicle 01/31/2005 QB Perrilloux has Texas, LSU, Mississippi State awaiting decision
Denver Post 01/31/2005 Texas on edge until Perrilloux makes his commitment official
Shreveport Times 01/31/2005 Coaches wrap up recruiting classes
College Football News 01/31/2005 Prespring, Preseason Questions Part Two
USA Today 01/30/2005 Ole Miss official feels 'dirty' about recruiting scandal
The Advocate 01/30/2005 'Death Valley' sign survives
The Advocate 01/30/2005 Corps of new LSU class hasn't wavered
Shreveport Times 01/30/2005 For recruiting junkies, Wednesday is Christmas
Shreveport Times 01/30/2005 Why recruiting rankings matter
Shreveport Times 01/30/2005 SEC commitments
Shreveport Times 01/30/2005 Sports Briefs
Dallas Star-Telegram 01/30/2005 In his hometown, Perrilloux's choice is on everyone's mind
The Advocate / LSWA 01/30/2005 Saban is the LSWA's Headliner of the Year
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/30/2005 Ranking recruiting classes is hardly an exact science
Opelousas Daily World 01/30/2005 Faulk bright star from beginning
Palm Beach Post 01/30/2005 In Saban, lax Dolphins got what they asked for
Clarion Ledger 01/29/2005 Ole Miss assistant Charlie Camp resigns after DUI arrest
Associated Press 01/29/2005 Akron QB Frye earns Senior Bowl MVP honors
Mobile Register 01/29/2005 Who's ready for stardom?
Louisiana Gannett News 01/29/2005 Senior Bowl big chance for Spears
The Advocate 01/29/2005 Spears gets indoctrination into pro game
Boston Herald 01/29/2005 Green has opponents seeing red
Times Picayune 01/29/2005 No more playing up for LHSAA schools
LSU Sports 01/28/2005 Spears Ready for Senior Bowl (Saturday on ESPN2 at 3 p.m. CST)
Tiger Rag 01/28/2005 Ranking the SEC coaching hires
Louisiana Gannett News 01/28/2005 LSU football looks to focus on trio
The Advocate 01/28/2005 LSU's weekend shapes up to be 'Super' big one
The Advocate 01/28/2005 Perrilloux among big names to visit LSU
The Advocate 01/28/2005 Randall receives first Golden Touch Award
LSU Reveille 01/28/2005 Former players reflect on memories, donning purple and gold
CBS SportsLine 01/28/2005 Teams could have great class with any of these 10
Associated Press 01/28/2005 Defense begins for businessman charged in recruiting case
Register-Guard, OR 01/28/2005 Oregon Legislature bill would ban OSU and UO from the BCS
Shreveport Times 01/28/2005 Berlin impresses during Senior Bowl workouts
The Tennessean 01/28/2005 Fulmer now third in salary
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/28/2005 Saban pays top dollar for assistant coaches
Washington Post 01/28/2005 For Belichick, Father Truly Knew Best
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 01/27/2005 Corey Webster: Fundamental Knowledge
LSU Reveille 01/27/2005 Athletes recognized for academics
Dallas Star-Telegram 01/27/2005 QB recruit Perrilloux leaves UT fans fretting
USA Today 01/27/2005 Arkansas' Jones tries to catch on
Associated Press 01/27/2005 'Cadillac' grilled at Senior Bowl on top-RB aspirations
Associated Press 01/27/2005 Government uses bank records at football recruiting trial
Birmingham News 01/27/2005 Instant replay, BCS among Slive's issues
Biloxi Sun Herald 01/27/2005 Orgeron made quite an impression on USC's Cody
LSU Reveille 01/27/2005 Q&A with John David Booty
USA Today 01/27/2005 Nebraska, Tennessee appear to be big winners in recruiting battle
Times Picayune 01/27/2005 Super Class 6A is put on hold
Associated Press 01/27/2005 Dolphins' Saban scouting Senior Bowl
Shreveport Times 01/26/2005 LSU football recruiting takes another hit
USA Today 01/26/2005 NCAA begins broad review of policies on alcohol
South Carolina Sports 01/26/2005 QB Mike Rathe's additional season request denied by NCAA
Associated Press 01/26/2005 Recruiting scandal spreads: Payoffs from 3 universities, offers from 5
Commercial Appeal 01/26/2005 Trial quickly shows how low college sports have sunk
Democrat Gazette, AR 01/26/2005 Butch Davis plans future, coaching on hold
Times Picayune 01/26/2005 Saban scouts for talent, housing
The Advocate 01/25/2005 Video: LSU players ready for Senior Bowl
LSU Sports 01/25/2005 2005 LSU Football Parking Waiting List Now Available
The Advocate 01/25/2005 Ascension backs commit to McNeese (see LSU notes at the bottom)
CBS SportsLine 01/25/2005 Price tags for top coaches reaching stratosphere
Associated Press 01/25/2005 Former coach says he took payoff in Alabama recruiting scandal
Associated Press 01/25/2005 Mississippi State player charged with selling marijuana
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 01/25/2005 Senior Bowl Inside Access: Team Meetings
Democrat Gazette, AR 01/25/2005 SEC: Let’s go to the tape
Los Angeles Daily News 01/25/2005 Top JC linemen choose USC over Oklahoma, LSU
Macon Telegraph 01/25/2005 Tuberville not focusing on title slight
USA Today 01/25/2005 NCAA president Myles Brand making his mark
Sports Illustrated 01/24/2005 Recruiting Watch: Iowa surprises, while three programs rebound
Shreveport Times 01/24/2005 Lack of defensive coordinator leaves holes in LSU recruiting
LSU Reveille 01/24/2005 Board of Supervisors approves Miles as head coach
Lafayette Advertiser 01/24/2005 Carencro's Faulk heads to third Super Bowl
Associated Press 01/24/2005 'Bama recruiting scandal trial set to begin
Associated Press 01/24/2005 Neuheisel's lawsuit vs. NCAA and UW starts Monday
Shreveport Times 01/24/2005 Berlin gets his shot with Senior Bowl invite
The Advocate 01/23/2005 Miles spends first month on recruiting sprint
The Advocate 01/23/2005 Snyder off list at LSU
The Advocate 01/23/2005 Perrilloux headlines Super Dozen
Times Picayune 01/23/2005 LSU still has work to do
Shreveport Times 01/23/2005 LSU slips in recruiting
Lafayette Advertiser 01/23/2005 LSU football recruiting glance
Shreveport Times 01/23/2005 SEC commitments
Montgomery Advertiser 01/23/2005 Shula answers concerns at QB
Shreveport Times 01/23/2005 From Sugar Bowl to Super Bowl?
Shreveport Times 01/23/2005 Class 6A on horizon?
Ohio State Buckeyes 01/22/2005 Defensive Coordinator Mark Snyder to Remain at Ohio State
Shreveport Times 01/22/2005 Buckeyes defensive coordinator considering offer from LSU
Times Picayune 01/22/2005 LSU board unanimously approves Miles' contract
The Advocate 01/22/2005 Board unanimously approves Miles' pact
Associated Press 01/21/2005 LSU board approves Miles' $1.25 million annual contract
Shreveport Times 01/21/2005 LSU enters critical recruiting time
The Advocate 01/21/2005 LSU Board has final say on Miles contract, Miles interviews Snyder
The Advocate 01/21/2005 Gay makes most of chance with Patriots right here
Times Picayune 01/21/2005 Perrilloux still considering his options
LSU Reveille 01/21/2005 Tigers offensive lineman Niswanger to stay at LSU
LSU Reveille 01/21/2005 Reverend institutes spirituality on football field
CBS SportsLine 01/21/2005 Coaches pursued once again to release votes
Associated Press 01/21/2005 Orgeron getting comfortable again in the Deep South
Associated Press 01/21/2005 Ex-Kentucky coach Mumme will chase wins in desert
Miami Herald 01/21/2005 Ben Roethlisberger's big fan
LSU Sports 01/21/2005 Turner to Play in Hula Bowl, Saturday at 6 p.m. CST on ESPN2
Associated Press 01/20/2005 LSU athletic panel approves Miles' $1.25 million annual contract
The Advocate 01/20/2005 LSU loses battle against Dolphins for George Edwards
Insiders Recruiting 01/20/2005 Coaching Changes Impact Recruiting
USA Today 01/20/2005 Big year for defensive lineman on recruiting trail
Associated Press 01/20/2005 Six South Carolina Players Charged With Theft
Associated Press 01/20/2005 Temple football gets to stay in Division I-A
Associated Press 01/20/2005 Concussions force Alabama tight end Johnston off field
College Football News 01/20/2005 Recruiting Review 2001: Star recruits that rocked
Sports Illustrated 01/20/2005 Williams, Clarett finally on list of early draft entries
The Advocate 01/20/2005 Legislators want ceiling raised on gifts to them
CBS SportsLine 01/19/2005 Changing of the guard: Rating the new coaching hires
Associated Press 01/19/2005 Dolphins hire Scott Linehan and George Edwards
Sports Illustrated 01/19/2005 Recruiting Watch: Coaching changes at have major impact
LSU Sports 01/19/2005 Niswanger to Stay for Senior Season
Shreveport Times 01/19/2005 LSU's Miles, Miami's Saban battle for assistants
Times Picayune 01/19/2005 Two LSU assistants leaving
Tiger Weekly 01/19/2005 Seniors look back, ready to move on
Tiger Weekly 01/19/2005 Les Miles hired as new football coach
Tiger Weekly 01/19/2005 Miles The Right Man For The Job
Tiger Weekly 01/19/2005 Coaching Staff Receives a Face Lift
LSU Reveille 01/19/2005 Randall, former Tigers compete in all-star games
Clarion Ledger 01/19/2005 Perrilloux scheduled to visit Mississippi State today
Palm Beach Post 01/19/2005 Dolphins hire Travis Jones, interview George Edwards
Macon Telegraph 01/19/2005 UGA's hard-sell pays off by keeping Garner
The Advocate 01/18/2005 Perrilloux derby continues; LSU, Texas visit recruit
Monroe News Star 01/18/2005 Exiting LSU, Mike Collins goes job hunting
LSU Reveille 01/18/2005 Miles, Saban share similar backgrounds
LSU Reveille 01/18/2005 Change of pace breeds optimism among players
LSU Reveille 01/18/2005 Coaching change affects recruits
LSU Reveille 01/18/2005 Whitworth to stay for senior year
LSU Reveille 01/18/2005 Saban improved program at LSU
LSU Reveille 01/18/2005 Tigers fall to Iowa in waning seconds, 30-25
Associated Press 01/18/2005 Garner to remain at Georgia
Lion Sports 01/18/2005 Southeastern Louisiana names Dennis Roland head football coach
Associated Press 01/18/2005 Richt withdraws as Hula Bowl coach, Garner to interview at LSU
Gloucester Daily Times 01/18/2005 Patriots notebook: Unsung heroes delivered in win
Shreveport Times 01/17/2005 Demons' class gathers momentum (LSU recruiting notes at the bottom)
College Football News 01/17/2005 2005 Pre-Preseason Rankings: National Title Contenders
Inside Texas 01/17/2005 Auburn's defensive coordinator Chizik joins Texas' Staff
Times Picayune 01/17/2005 Jarvis Green gets his chance
Boston Globe 01/16/2005 BCS knows its system needs work
Denver Post 01/16/2005 An Interview With Myles Brand
The Advocate 01/16/2005 Russell, Pittman undergo minor surgery
Times Picayune 01/16/2005 Nose guard Powe commits to LSU during all-star game
Shreveport Times 01/16/2005 SEC commitments
Shreveport Times 01/16/2005 Saban hopes his system flies in NFL
Georgia Bulldogs 01/16/2005 Kirby Smart named running backs coach at Georgia
Lafayette Advertiser 01/16/2005 Devery Henderson not discouraged by inactive season
Auburn Tigers Insider 01/15/2005 Jerrell Powel commits to LSU
Associated Press 01/15/2005 Marcus Randall earns MVP honors at the Gridiron Classic
Finebaum Radio Network 01/15/2005 Audio: Jimbo Fisher Interview
The Advocate 01/15/2005 LSU football close to filling 11th playing date
The Advocate 01/15/2005 LSU seniors prep for all-star games
Times Picayune 01/15/2005 Saints assistant Greg Brown interviews at LSU
Shreveport Times 01/15/2005 Miles hires six of his former Oklahoma State assistants
Hartford Courant, CT 01/15/2005 Patriots' Gay Perseveres
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/15/2005 Street agents spur coaches' concern
Fox Sports 01/14/2005 QBs Perrilloux & Sanchez featured in Army All-American Bowl
Associated Press 01/14/2005 Players eager to show talents to NFL scouts in Gridiron Classic
Associated Press 01/14/2005 Prospects looking to impress at Shrine Game
LSU Sports 01/14/2005 18 LSU football players on SEC fall academic honor roll
LSU Sports 01/14/2005 Daniels, Spears and Webster to play in Jan. 29 Senior Bowl
The Advocate 01/14/2005 Bertman's LSU 'legacy will be Miles, good or bad'
Sports Illustrated 01/14/2005 Underclassmen declaring for 2005 NFL Draft (Updated, no LSU players)
SEC Sports 01/14/2005 52 SEC players on post-season all star game rosters
Tiger Rag 01/13/2005 10th annual Bayou Bash set for Feb. 2
Times Picayune 01/13/2005 Fisher, Whitworth staying with Tigers
The Advocate 01/13/2005 Whitworth to return for senior season
The Advocate 01/13/2005 Video: Details on Miles contract
The Advocate 01/13/2005 Video: Fisher and Whitworth staying
The Advocate 01/13/2005 Miles gets seven-year contract, Fisher and Clay among assistants
Shreveport Times 01/13/2005 Whitworth will stay at LSU, Miles offered contract
Birmingham News 01/13/2005 Alabama's Pennington leaves football team for baseball
Birmingham Post-Herald 01/13/2005 NCAA power play drives new academic rules
Go Pokes 01/13/2005 Bill Clay: The Real Story (see update at bottom of article)
Associated Press 01/13/2005 Les Miles not allowed to speak to Oklahoma State team
Shreveport Times 01/13/2005 Area players hope to display talent in tonight's All-American Bowl
USA Today 01/13/2005 Academic rules about to tighten
LSU Sports 01/12/2005 Whitworth to Stay for Senior Season
LSU Sports 01/12/2005 Miles Offered Seven-Year Deal Worth $1.25 Million Annually
The Advocate 01/12/2005 Video: Coach Miles working hard on program's priorities
Shreveport Times 01/12/2005 Jimbo Fisher to stay LSU's offensive coordinator
Times Picayune 01/12/2005 Doucet is arrested at night club in Lafayette
USA Today 01/12/2005 Perrilloux not afraid to compete for QB job
Birmingham Post-Herald 01/12/2005 New SEC coaches must win, and in a major way
Cox News Services 01/12/2005 SEC gets closer to instant replay
Naples Daily News 01/12/2005 NCAA academic reforms riddled with questions
Associated Press 01/12/2005 Coaches Delay Vote on Changes in Poll Vote
USA Today 01/12/2005 Football coaches lean toward revealing poll votes
Scripps Howard News 01/12/2005 12th game would benefit greedy hypocrites
USA Today 01/12/2005 Coaches to consider poll issues
Boston Globe 01/12/2005 Defensive end Jarvis Green will give it a go
Ascension Citizen 01/11/2005 Miles realizes success is the bottom line at LSU
Ascension Citizen 01/11/2005 Dorsey has first season to remember at LSU
The Advocate 01/11/2005 Miles focusing on program's priorities
Tiger Rag 01/11/2005 Les Miles - Our take
Tiger Rag 01/11/2005 Les Miles - The media's take
The Advocate 01/11/2005 Doucet arrested after nightclub altercation
Shreveport Times 01/11/2005 Doucet arrested on charge of resisting arrest
The Advocate 01/11/2005 NCAA plans prove game is about money
Orlando Sentinel 01/11/2005 College coaches' pockets swelling as contract values increase
USA Today 01/11/2005 NCAA plans to rethink rules for Division I-A status
USA Today 01/10/2005 New academic rules challenge programs
USA Today 01/10/2005 AFCA wants to use radios for QBs, delay first coaches' poll
Go Pokes 01/10/2005 Bill Clay back in Stillwater, will not join LSU's staff
LSU Sports 01/10/2005 Turner to Play in East-West Shrine Game, Hula Bowl
Times Picayune 01/10/2005 Vocal Support: Les Miles won't back down from a challenge
Shreveport Times 01/10/2005 Fisher still deciding; LSU offensive line coach to stay
The Advocate 01/10/2005 Death of LSU coach Bo Rein revisited
Associated Press 01/10/2005 NCAA passes landmark academic reform package
Georgia Bulldogs 01/10/2005 VanGorder leaving for Jaguars and Rucker accepts job at Texas
Associated Press 01/10/2005 Georgia loses defensive coordinator to NFL
The Advocate 01/10/2005 Ole Miss picks up another Louisiana recruit
USA Today 01/10/2005 NCAA mulls permanent 12th game
Times Picayune 01/09/2005 Miles sets out to secure recruiting class
The Advocate 01/09/2005 Miles starts job on move
The Advocate 01/09/2005 Tigers' year one full of surprises
The Advocate 01/09/2005 LSU hopes latest chocolate tastes great
Shreveport Times 01/09/2005 Who is Les Miles?
Shreveport Times 01/09/2005 Top football recruits hit town for all-star game
Shreveport Times 01/09/2005 SEC commitments
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/09/2005 Saban to bring trio from LSU
Associated Press 01/09/2005 Proposals for 12th football game moved forward by NCAA
Associated Press 01/09/2005 Top-prospect QBs headline Senior Bowl rosters
Huntsville Times 01/09/2005 SEC's Slive plans pitch for plus-one
The Republican, MA 01/09/2005 Patriot is tough at corner
The Advocate 01/08/2005 Welcome to BR, coach Les Miles
The Advocate 01/08/2005 3 assistants going with Saban; Fisher next?
The Advocate 01/08/2005 Saban signs off at curtain call
Shreveport Times 01/08/2005 N.C. State offers Fisher job
Associated Press 01/08/2005 Brand focused on containing costs in NCAA
Associated Press 01/08/2005 BCS is hot topic at NCAA convention
Associated Press 01/08/2005 Chad Lavalais: From prison guard to the NFL
Boston Globe 01/08/2005 After ups, downs, surprising rookie Gay happy to help
St. Petersburg Times 01/08/2005 Making the jump to NFL a gamble for college coaches
Times Picayune 01/08/2005 Buddy D. dies of heart attack
LSU Sports 01/07/2005 Randall to Finish Collegiate Career in The Gridiron Classic on Jan 15th
Associated Press 01/07/2005 Reform Plan Would Monitor Athlete's Grades
Times Picayune 01/07/2005 Once again a new and improved BCS system didn't work
Shreveport Times 01/07/2005 Time to redefine college football's champion
Shreveport Times 01/07/2005 NCAA looks at longer season
Gator Country 01/07/2005 BCS Champs? Sorry, but I'm not impressed
Associated Press 01/07/2005 Orgeron names first coaching staff at Ole Miss
Pack Pride 01/06/2005 Report: Jimbo Fisher Considering Offer From NC State
The Advocate 01/06/2005 Miles not ready to set staff
The Advocate 01/06/2005 Miles can expect high expectations
Shreveport Times 01/06/2005 LSU losing at least three coaches to Dolphins
Sports Illustrated 01/06/2005 Final Orange Bowl thoughts and an early '05 top 10 (LSU #2)
Fox Sports 01/06/2005 Reviewing the BCS bowl boo-nanza
College Football News 01/06/2005 Orange Bowl Cavalcade of Whimsy
San Jose Mercury News 01/06/2005 49ers' coaching search begins with Pete Carroll
New York Post 01/06/2005 Hail USC, but we still need playoff format
USA Today 01/06/2005 BCS debate expected to rage
LSU Sports 01/05/2005 LSU finishes No. 16 in final AP and Coaches polls
CBS SportsLine 01/05/2005LSU report: Inside slant (also see Strategy, personnel & Notes, quotes)
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/05/2005 Saban poised to hire Muschamp, Dooley and Williams
College Sports 01/05/2005 Capital One game an ESPN Classic, airs Friday 7 p.m. CST
The Advocate 01/05/2005 Miles expected to bring 4-2-5 defense to LSU
Times Picayune 01/05/2005 Muschamp, Dooley join Saban in Miami
Times Picayune 01/05/2005 Myers reiterates he'll play at LSU
The Advocate 01/05/2005 Moffitt staying on Miles' staff at LSU
Shreveport Times 01/05/2005 Saban goes to work
Houston Chronicle 01/05/2005 Coaching changes scramble recruiting
Associated Press 01/05/2005 Orange Bowl gets second-lowest rating for BCS title game
ESPN 01/05/2005 Pat Forde's preseason top 25 for next season
AP / ESPN 01/05/2005 Florida's Crowder and Georgia's Thurman opt for NFL draft
Rocky Mountain News 01/05/2005 More BCS changes coming
Winston-Salem Journal 01/05/2005 Enough: NCAA needs a playoff for national title
USA Today 01/05/2005 New BCS formula may look outside poll, computers
USA Today 01/05/2005 Win now or pack your bags
USA Today 01/05/2005 Ratings of non-BCS games make case for creation of Plus One final
College Football News 01/04/2005 Orange Bowl Notebook: The BCS still sucks
Miami Herald 01/04/2005 Saban introduced as Dolphins' coach, Dooley & Muschamp to follow?
Tiger Rag 01/04/2005 Close the book on Saban
The Advocate 01/04/2005 Les Miles to take up challenge
The Advocate 01/04/2005 LSU players say Miles 'a good fit'
The Advocate 01/04/2005 Is anyone good enough to coach LSU?
The Advocate 01/04/2005 Bertman says panel worked in 'buyer's market'
The Advocate 01/04/2005 LSU Notebook: Certain staffers can stay
The Advocate 01/04/2005 OSU's Mack calls Miles 'elite coach'
The Advocate 01/04/2005 Miles meets with Perrilloux
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Miles embraces high expectations
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Comparisons are inevitable for Miles
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Anatomy of a Hire
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Muschamp among assistants who may follow Saban
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Tigers players say Miles is a good fit
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Some recruits still are sold on LSU, others pondering
Times Picayune 01/04/2005 Perrilloux meets Miles, considers his options
Shreveport Times 01/04/2005 Miles takes over as LSU's new coach
Shreveport Times 01/04/2005 LSU wastes little time in finding new coach
Shreveport Times 01/04/2005 Coach's challenge is to win games, win over good ol' boys
Shreveport Times 01/04/2005 LSU players like Miles' attitude
Shreveport Times 01/04/2005 LSU gets a coach with confidence
Shreveport Times 01/04/2005 Miles faces recruiting test
Alexandria Town Talk 01/04/2005 More or Les, LSU gets coach with confidence
Enid News, OK 01/04/2005 Les Miles will be tough act to follow
Associated Press 01/04/2005 College Coaches Aspire to NFL
AP / USA Today 01/04/2005 BCS chief: System may adopt selection committee
ESPN 01/04/2005 Playing a game of Bowl-der-Dash
Daily News Tribune, MA 01/04/2005 Rookie free agent Gay has come a long way
USA Today 01/04/2005 Tuberville backs 'plus one' plan
USA Today 01/04/2005 Similar Sooners, Trojans need to exploit differences for title
College Football News 01/04/2005 Orange Bowl Preview: Oklahoma vs. USC
LSU Sports 01/03/2005 Les Miles is the Tigers 32nd Head Coach (now includes all quotes)
Shreveport Times 01/03/2005 Les Miles Q & A
Associated Press 01/03/2005 LSU believes new coach will do what old coach did
College Sports TV 01/03/2005 Oklahoma State coach should have success in Baton Rouge
AP / ESPN 01/03/2005 Tigers introduce Saban's successor
Associated Press 01/03/2005 Miles made bowls routine at Oklahoma State
LSU Sports 01/03/2005 Les Miles Biography
Daily Oklahoman 01/03/2005 Miles never got just due at Oklahoma State
OSU Football 01/03/2005 Les Miles Biography
Times Picayune 01/03/2005 Miles set to take reins
The Advocate 01/03/2005 Miles takes LSU offer
Shreveport Times 01/03/2005 Les Miles to be officially named LSU's coach today
Shreveport Times 01/03/2005 Miles not great but solid
Associated Press 01/03/2005 LSU to hire Miles, Noon press conference scheduled
USA Today 01/03/2005 BCS kicking around selection options
College Football News 01/03/2005 Sugar Bowl Preview: Auburn vs. Virginia Tech
ESPN 01/02/2005 Oklahoma State's Les Miles has accepted an offer to coach LSU
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Oklahoma State's Miles accepts LSU offer
Tiger Rag 01/02/2005 Capital One Bowl: Iowa 30, LSU 25
Tiger Rag 01/02/2005 LSU and the post-Saban era
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Les Miles favored as LSU coach
Times Picayune 01/02/2005 Oklahoma State's Miles poised for LSU job
Hawk Mania 01/02/2005 Hawkeyes prevail despite ‘confusion’ on last play
Times Picayune 01/02/2005 Blown coverage leads to last-second touchdown pass
Times Picayune 01/02/2005 LSU's 'D,' Randall take big hits
Times Picayune 01/02/2005 Distractions not LSU's downfall
Times Picayune 01/02/2005 Mental mistakes capital offenses in Saban's book
Times Picayune 01/02/2005 Hawkeyes' Holloway saves his first for last
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Game evokes highs, lows of Saban era
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Iowa sends off Saban with last-second loss
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Little things lead to big loss
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Holloway's first TD dramatic game-winner
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Saban no stranger to dramatics
The Advocate 01/02/2005 Saban's last hurrah a loss
Shreveport Times 01/02/2005 LSU's Capital punishment
Shreveport Times 01/02/2005 LSU close to offering job to Les Miles
Shreveport Times 01/02/2005 Coaching search nears an end
Shreveport Times 01/02/2005 LSU Notebook: Fisher has mixed emotions
Shreveport Times 01/02/2005 Loss, Saban departure leave LSU fans glum
Orlando Sentinel 01/02/2005 Iowa stuns LSU in Orlando
Orlando Sentinel 01/02/2005 Saban focuses on difficult loss, not Dolphins
St. Petersburg Times 01/02/2005 Clayton is leader in training
Star Ledger, NJ 01/02/2005 BCS keeps tweaking but can't escape critics
Orlando Sentinel 01/01/2005 Iowa's final play leaves many in shock - including its own team
Chicago Tribune 01/01/2005 Saban falls 1 play short in last hurrah for LSU as Iowa wins
College Football News 01/01/2005 Instant Analysis - Capital One Bowl
College Football News 01/01/2005 Five Thoughts on the Capital One Bowl
Florida Citrus Sports 01/01/2005 LSU Post Game Quotes
Florida Citrus Sports 01/01/2005 Iowa Post Game Quotes
Florida Citrus Sports 01/01/2005 Capital One Bowl Final Stats
Florida Citrus Sports 01/01/2005 Capital One Bowl Photo Gallery
LSU Sports 01/01/2005 Late-Game Heroics Lift Iowa Past LSU, 30-25
ESPN 01/01/2005 (13) Iowa 30, (11) LSU 25
Stillwater News Press 01/01/2005 Decisions, decisions
Associated Press 01/01/2005 Miles Said Likely to Replace Saban at LSU
Tiger Rag 01/01/2005 LSU offers job to Miles
The Advocate 01/01/2005 LSU preparing to offer Les Miles contract according to source
LSU Sports 01/01/2005 It's Gameday! LSU vs. Iowa at 12 p.m. CST on ABC
ESPN 01/01/2005 Louisville coach says he wants to stay put
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Last call for Nick Saban
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Inside LSU
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Jaguars' Del Rio says he hasn't met with LSU
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Saban, Ferentz plums from Belichick's tree
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Recruits react to Saban's departure
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Those in the know weigh in on differences in the SEC and the Big Ten
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Ferentz exceeds all expectations with Hawkeyes
Times Picayune 01/01/2005 Hawkeyes fans have no problem taking to road
The Advocate 01/01/2005 Saban, seniors play final game in purple and gold
The Advocate 01/01/2005 LSU - Iowa game analysis
The Advocate 01/01/2005 Rumors continue to swirl around LSU search
The Advocate 01/01/2005 Coach search game to itself, but right decision a must
The Advocate 01/01/2005 Iowa running game in neutral
The Advocate 01/01/2005 LSU year in review
Shreveport Times 01/01/2005 Saban's LSU swan song
Shreveport Times 01/01/2005 Of Saban's LSU wins, these stick out most
Shreveport Times 01/01/2005 LSU search to include interview with Jaguars' Del Rio
Gainesville Sun 01/01/2005 Spurrier nips LSU rumors in the bud not going anywhere
Florida Today 01/01/2005 Saban prepares for final game with LSU
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/01/2005 LSU wants to send Saban to Miami with win
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/01/2005 Capital One Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/01/2005 Capital One Bowl: Keys to the game
Florida Sun-Sentinel 01/01/2005 Iowa's goal: Spoil finale for Saban
Des Moines Register 01/01/2005 LSU's solid defense in the way of Hawkeyes' eighth straight victory
Des Moines Register 01/01/2005 Roth and Saban serve up a bowl full of distractions
Cedar-Falls Courier 01/01/2005 Hawks' Roth isn't thinking about next step yet
Associated Press 01/01/2005 Iowa Is Seeking What LSU Has Earned: Respect
Kansas City Star 01/01/2005 Iowa back in a bowl after overcoming injury woes
Iowa Globe Gazette 01/01/2005 Tigers wary of Iowa's quarterback