Posted 12/16/2003
I have no idea what the original source was, but the Email that I got said the following:
Karen Horton said she wrote this at 2:30 this morning to read at a Christmas Party tonight. Her note:
"Thought you all might like it. Those of you that are Tiger Fans, that is! For those who don't know, St. Nick is, of course, what we are now calling Nick Saban!"
'Twas the night before the Sugar Bowl, when all through the dorm
Nothing was stirring, not one snooze alarm.
The helmets were hung in the lockers with care
In hopes that ST. NICK would be up to the dare.

The players were sprawled in their big comfy beds,
While visions of game rings danced in their heads.
And Emmert in his kerchief, and Skip in his cap
Had just settled down for a much deserved nap.

When out on the field there arose such a clatter
They ran to the stadium to see what was the matter.
Away to the team room they flew like a flash
Tore through the players gate and up to the hash.

The glow of the game lights on the freshly mowed field
Gave them a feeling that this was surreal.
When, what to their wondering eyes should they see
But St. Nick, mid-field, on bended knee.

With his head bowed, in prayer and in thought,
St. Nick called upon the Tigers who had previously fought.
More rapid than passes, those Tigers, they came.
And Nick cried and shouted and called them by name.
"Now Capone, now Rabb, now Davis and Hodson"
"On Taylor, on Cassanova, on Kinchen and Cannon."

Wearing white and gold, carrying game balls
Came the all American players, trophies and all.
Out of the mist that surrounded the night
Came great Tiger icons of Spirit and might.

Hundreds of players with strength and pride
We watched as St. Nick stood there and cried.
Then, with a mighty roar from the gate did burst
The massive spirit of great Mike the First.

And then came the coaches, as St. Nick turned around,
Down through the players gate they came with a bound.
There was McClendon and Arnsparger and Bernie Moore
With Dietzel and Stovall to even the score.

Larger than life their spirits did rise,
And they showed St. Nick how to fight for the prize.
Ever so slowly, way up in the stands,
They started to see those great Golden Bands.

With trumpets and tubas and great drums to roll,
Their cadence and beat awakened the soul.
They played Chinese Bandits and the Tiger Rag,
And "Hey Fighting Tigers" waving LSU's flag.

Through the stands were fans from years past,
Shouting and cheering, their numbers were vast.
St. Nick turned around with conviction and pride,
and ran across that great field lengthening his stride.

As the mist gave way to the new morning light,
St. Nick led his team in one hell of a fight.
He beat Oklahoma, for he had no fear,
Because his Tigers played with the spirit, of so many years.