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Notebook: Lack of film on LSU could hamper Arizona State
Tuesday, 09/06, 7:55 p.m.
By William Kalec

BATON ROUGE - It’s hard to study what you can’t see.

Despite playing in front what is sure to be the most cordial “home crowd” in the history of LSU football, Arizona State’s coaching staff hasn’t been completely void of hardships in preparation for Saturday. Because the LSU-North Texas opener was postponed due to Hurricane Katrina, Dirk Koetter is without a template from which to game plan.

“That’s where the Internet comes in handy,” Koetter said. “We kind of have to go on what we get. You are never quite sure. We have to weigh all the factors out and study the film that best resembles what they are going to do.”

Finding defensive tape of Bo Pelini’s schemes from Oklahoma and Nebraska shouldn’t be a problem, but deciding whether to dissect offensive film from Miles’ Oklahoma State clubs or previous LSU squads directed under rehired offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher isn’t as clear cut.

Back in the end of June, Miles was asked describe the level of autonomy anointed to each assistant coach.

“All the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States,” he said, maintaining a poker face fit for cable television.

“You can do a lot of scouting,” Koetter said. “We have a lot of film from Oklahoma State last year. The problem is, LSU's coach doesn't have either one of his coordinators from last year. I don't think studying LSU film or Oklahoma State film is the best thing to do.”

LATER KICKOFF: The start of the LSU-Arizona State game has been moved up 30 minutes from 7:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. ESPN is still broadcasting the contest nationally.

FULL OF FATS: LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been bombarded with interview requests from local, national and international media about housing Fats Domino after the famous musician escaped his Ninth Ward residence and evacuated to Baton Rouge.

“I’ve had guys as far as London, England get in touch with our people to get in touch with Fats Domino,” Russell said.

Russell went on to to say that the interviewer from England was difficult to understand because of his accent, comparing him to Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

TAKE TWO: After shutting down production for a week because of power outages and other factors related to Hurricane Katrina, The Les Miles Show returns to Walk-On’s Bar and Bistreaux this Wednesday at 7 p.m.

TICKET SITUATION: Within the next 48 hours LSU athletic officials plan to make an announcement about purchased, unused tickets for this Saturday’s game against Arizona State that was moved from Tiger Stadium to Sun Devil Stadium.

For those able to travel, original game tickets can be exchanged for seats in Tempe, Ariz., though ticket holders must first contact the LSU athletic ticket office by 2 p.m. Wednesday to register.