LSU Football News: December 2003
Source Date Synopsis
Orange County Register 12/31/2003 ABC Sports a huge winner in BCS games
Associated Press 12/31/2003 Lots of fun before the big game
Associated Press 12/31/2003 LSU quarterback gets little of the spotlight, much of the credit
ESPN 12/31/2003 Mauck's future opens wide
Nokia Sugar Bowl Media 12/31/2003 LSU Offensive Players Press Conference
Nokia Sugar Bowl Media 12/31/2003 LSU Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher Press Conference
Nokia Sugar Bowl Media 12/31/2003 Oklahoma Defensive Players Press Conference
Nokia Sugar Bowl Media 12/31/2003 Oklahoma Defensive Coordinator Brett Venables Press Conference
CBS SportsLine 12/31/2003 Origins of a playoff or once-in-a-lifetime anomaly?
Tiger Rag 12/31/2003 Countdown to Sugar: 70 years and counting
USA Today 12/31/2003 Lavalais has taken long road to success at LSU
USA Today 12/31/2003 Mauck weighs return vs. dental school
The Advocate 12/31/2003 Indiana town celebrates Mauck's evolution
The Advocate 12/31/2003 LSU Notebook 12/31/03
The Advocate 12/31/2003 OU Notebook 12/31/03
The Advocate 12/31/2003 OU's Alexander back home in Louisiana
The Advocate 12/31/2003 Coaches like what they see
The Advocate 12/31/2003 Spurrier, NFL hot topics for coaches
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Vincent's play does talking for LSU
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Terror alert spurs city to erect chain-link fence around Dome
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Rumors swirling about Saban's future
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 LSU Running Backs VS. Oklahoma Linebackers
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 LSU Notes
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 From Rags to Riches
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Still running: Billy Cannon
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Sooners defense up to speed
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Shopping Spree
Times Picayune 12/31/2003 Sugar Bowl is a winner for hotels
Shreveport Times 12/31/2003 Saban turns LSU around
Shreveport Times 12/31/2003 Security tightens in N.O.
Shreveport Times 12/31/2003 OU player battles back from depression
Lafayette Advertiser 12/31/2003 Parking expected to be difficult with security
Lafayette Advertiser 12/31/2003 Mauckís hometown relishes LSUís shot
Lafayette Advertiser 12/31/2003 Tigers check out N.O. scenery
Washington Post 12/31/2003 LSU Freshmen: Tried and True
LSU Sports 12/30/2003 Tigers Hold Typical 'Monday' Practice in Superdome
Nokia Sugar Bowl Media 12/30/2003 Coach Nick Saban Press Conference
Nokia Sugar Bowl Media 12/30/2003 Coach Bob Stoops Press Conference
LSU Sports 12/30/2003 Sugar Bowl Announces Security Changes, Gates to Open at 3 p.m.
Sports Illustrated 12/30/2003 Sugar Bowl notebook
ESPN 12/30/2003 Sugar Bowl Notebook
ESPN 12/30/2003 LSU, OU can stop the calls
USA Today 12/30/2003 Three teams taking aim at national title
The Sporting News 12/30/2003 National spotlight: LSU vs. Oklahoma
Associated Press 12/30/2003 LSU Fans Descend on Sugar Bowl
LSU Sports 12/30/2003 Greater New Orleans Alumni to Hold Events Prior to Sugar Bowl
Washington Post 12/30/2003 For Players, Spurrier's Resignation Is 'Kind of a Shocker'
Knight Ridder Newspapers 12/30/2003 Stoops, Saban speak on Spurrier's departure
The Advocate 12/30/2003 LSU's Hill following Lavalais' example
The Advocate 12/30/2003 Sunday an exciting day for fans
The Advocate 12/30/2003 LSU Notebook 12/30/03
The Advocate 12/30/2003 OU Notebook 12/30/03
The Advocate 12/30/2003 OU's Cody wants to make most of second chance
The Advocate 12/30/2003 White jumped at shot for sixth season
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 Elusive OU receivers meet quick-striking LSU DBs
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 Hunt is in high gear after shift
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 LSU notes
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 LSU-Oklahoma matchup
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 LSU's Vincent keeping cool in hot season
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 Oklahoma notes
Times Picayune 12/30/2003 Sugar Buzz - 12/30
Shreveport Times 12/30/2003 LSU's Green a dangerous man
Shreveport Times 12/30/2003 Oklahoma's Perkins a force
Shreveport Times 12/30/2003 Oklahoma Notes: Kicker likes Dome's new surface
Shreveport Times 12/30/2003 LSU Notes: Sooners practice delays Tigers
Shreveport Times 12/30/2003 Superdome surface a concern for LSU's freshmen kickers
The Town Talk 12/30/2003 LSU's 1958 championship team recalled
Lafayette Advertiser 12/30/2003 Tiger tales
Denver Post 12/30/2003 Superdome's proximity to LSU creates obstacle for OU
LSU Sports 12/29/2003 Tigers Continue Workout in Superdome
USA Today 12/29/2003 Sugar Bowl has two Claytons seeking title
Associated Press 12/29/2003 Okla., LSU Look for Super Day on New Turf
Tiger Rag 12/29/2003 Sugar Bowl bid brought controversy
Associated Press 12/29/2003 Saban says Sugar Bowl is not a home game for Tigers
Associated Press 12/29/2003 Oddsmakers love SEC - except in national championship game
Times Picayune 12/29/2003 Sugar Buzz - 12/29
Associated Press 12/29/2003 Sooners, LSU Ready to Roll
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/29/2003 Tigers' trip short to Dome
Denver Post 12/29/2003 Saban has LSU ahead of schedule
The Advocate 12/29/2003 In case Saban leaves, be ready
The Advocate 12/29/2003 Notebook: LSU practices at Saints' facility in Metairie
The Advocate 12/29/2003 Tigers roll into New Orleans ready for Oklahoma
The Advocate 12/29/2003 Sooners' practices quieter these days
The Advocate 12/29/2003 AstroPlay surface unkind to most kickers so far
The Advocate 12/29/2003 Evangel's Hester commits to Saban, LSU
Times Picayune 12/29/2003 Mike Stoops returns for one more game
Times Picayune 12/29/2003 LSU Linebackers VS. Oklahoma Running Backs
Times Picayune 12/29/2003 LSU's size may be helpful
Times Picayune 12/29/2003 Saban: Sugar Bowl not a home game
Times Picayune 12/29/2003 Sooners get back to basics
Shreveport Times 12/29/2003 Evangel's Hester commits to LSU
Shreveport Times 12/29/2003 History raises expectations of Oklahoma Sooners fans
Shreveport Times 12/29/2003 LSU players get ready to roll in New Orleans
Shreveport Times 12/29/2003 Oklahoma Notes: Rain delays practice
Shreveport Times 12/29/2003 Dream goes on for LSU receiver
LSU Sports 12/28/2003 Tigers Hold First Practice from New Orleans
The Advocate 12/28/2003 Oklahoma arrives early, eager to take in sights
The Advocate 12/28/2003 Tigers don't have far to go
The Advocate 12/28/2003 Surreal feelings in return to N.O.
The Advocate 12/28/2003 Dream goes on for LSU receiver
Times Picayune 12/28/2003 LSU, Oklahoma will continue battle after Sugar Bowl
Times Picayune 12/28/2003 LSU's Saban emerges in the nick of time
Times Picayune 12/28/2003 Sooners arrive, hold first practice
Shreveport Times 12/28/2003 Oklahoma arrives with redemption in sight
Shreveport Times 12/28/2003 Tigers head to N.O. today
Shreveport Times 12/28/2003 They felt LSU's power
The Advocate 12/27/2003 Here's hoping for open Tigers
The Advocate 12/27/2003 Sugar Bowl Notebook 12/27/03
The Advocate 12/27/2003 No worries Heisman jinx doesn't bother Sooners' White
Times Picayune 12/27/2003 LSU's Catch
Times Picayune 12/27/2003 Oklahoma's defense looks evenly matched against LSU's receivers
Times Picayune 12/27/2003 Tigers honor deceased manager
Shreveport Times 12/27/2003 LSU's Clayton craves another title
Shreveport Times 12/27/2003 La. residents skirt law to see Sugar Bowl
Shreveport Times 12/27/2003 Five questions with LSU receiver Michael Clayton
Lafayette Advertiser 12/27/2003 LSU chancellor sees controversy pay off
Associated Press 12/27/2003 For many, being No. 1 means all D or nothing
Associated Press 12/27/2003 Oklahoma, LSU rally around White, Mauck
The Advocate 12/26/2003 It'll be a sweet weekend for Sugar Bowl visitors
Associated Press 12/26/2003 Heightened alert leads to added measures
USA Today 12/26/2003 Despite reputation, frantic pace, Saban has soft side
The Advocate 12/26/2003 Make a plan, make your luck
The Advocate 12/26/2003 LSU program has ties to Baton Rouge strength coach
Times Picayune 12/26/2003 Old-School Loyalty
Times Picayune 12/26/2003 Serious Sooner
Shreveport Times 12/26/2003 Tigers stick to their goals
Shreveport Times 12/26/2003 Five questions with LSU defensive end Marcus Spears
Lafayette Advertiser 12/26/2003 LSU, OU aim to cap holidays with title
Lafayette Advertiser 12/26/2003 LSU preps for media
Free Press News Services 12/26/2003 Players don't hold grudge over split national championship
Associated Press 12/26/2003 Shula, Tuberville Dissect the Big Bowls
Monroe News Star 12/26/2003 ULM, La. Tech victims of Tigers' march
Indianapolis Star 12/26/2003 Small-town QB in biggest game
Times Picayune 12/25/2003 Sugar Bowl security intensifies
Associated Press 12/25/2003 Oklahoma, LSU take different routes to BCS title game
USA Today 12/25/2003 LSU, Oklahoma aim to cap holidays with title
Times Picayune 12/25/2003 Oklahoma players say they want the trophy
Times Picayune 12/25/2003 Family runs deep with Tiger Peterman
Shreveport Times 12/25/2003 Two out because of ticket sales
Shreveport Times 12/25/2003 Five Questions with LSU quarterback Matt Mauck
Associated Press 12/24/2003 The Sugar Bowl Matchup
Sports Illustrated 12/24/2003 Sugar Bowl Preview: LSU vs. Oklahoma
Associated Press 12/24/2003 Sooners spin BCS criticism into inspiration for Sugar Bowl
Lafayette Advertiser 12/24/2003 Tigers reach midway point of Sugar prep
Lafayette Advertiser 12/24/2003 Got a Sugar Bowl ticket? You can find a room
The Advocate 12/24/2003 Christmas memorable, busy time for Saban
The Advocate 12/24/2003 LSU's suspended players can't be reinstated for bowl
The Advocate 12/24/2003 LSU Notebook 12/24/03
The Advocate 12/24/2003 Request to block LSU ticket increase denied
Times Picayune 12/24/2003 Offensive Melting Pot
Times Picayune 12/24/2003 Athletes didn't play by rules
Shreveport Times 12/24/2003 LSU linebackers no longer a question mark
Shreveport Times 12/24/2003 Five minutes with Chad Lavalais
Sports Illustrated 12/23/2003 College football coaching contracts filled with lucrative incentives
The Advocate 12/23/2003 Randall confident he's ready if needed
The Advocate 12/23/2003 LSU Notebook 12/23/03
Times Picayune 12/23/2003 Carey ruled ineligible for Sugar Bowl
Times Picayune 12/23/2003 QBs OK in shadows
Shreveport Times 12/23/2003 Tigers wrap up practices today before Christmas break
Lafayette Advertiser 12/23/2003 Saban suspends Carey and Damen for selling Sugar tickets
Lafayette Advertiser 12/23/2003 Saban gives Tigers early Christmas gift
Opelousas Daily World 12/23/2003 Davis pleased with Saban's Tigers
LSU Sports 12/22/2003 Tigers Continue to Prepare for Oklahoma
LSU Sports 12/22/2003 Cox Sports to Re-air Eight Tiger Football Games
Associated Press 12/22/2003 Clayton will wait on NFL decision
USA Today 12/22/2003 LSU QB Mauck is avoiding Santa Claus (Indiana, that is)
Associated Press 12/22/2003 More Sugar Bowl security, random searches at airport
Associated Press 12/22/2003 Football success isn't all on Emmert's mind
The Advocate 12/22/2003 Rivet, Boss give LSU some inspiration
The Advocate 12/22/2003 Workday done, Boss still there
The Advocate 12/22/2003 LSU Notebook 12/22/03
Times Picayune 12/22/2003 Players get generous curfew for bowl
Shreveport Times 12/22/2003 Vincent has made most of chance
Shreveport Times 12/22/2003 'It's not just about football'
Los Angeles Times 12/22/2003 Sugar may not be quite so sweet
Associated Press 12/22/2003 Sounds like team spirit
The Town Talk 12/21/2003 Weems fondly remembers process that brought Saban to Baton Rouge
The Town Talk 12/21/2003 Weems: Saban needs new deal
LSU Sports 12/21/2003 Tigers Dominate LSWA All-Louisiana Football Team
The Advocate 12/21/2003 LSU's surge has ex-Tigers brimming with excitement
The Advocate 12/21/2003 Obscurity suits Tigers just fine
The Advocate 12/21/2003 LSU Notebook 12/21/03
The Advocate 12/21/2003 Here's hoping everyone gets what they need
The Advocate 12/21/2003 Stoops etching name into Oklahoma football lore
The Advocate 12/21/2003 Sooners not enamored with BCS
Times Picayune 12/21/2003 Tigers get past difficult period
Times Picayune 12/21/2003 Walk-ons have made mark on LSU season
Times Picayune 12/21/2003 Excitement bubbles beneath the surface of calm OU campus
Shreveport Times 12/21/2003 'Road' game nothing new to OU
Shreveport Times 12/21/2003 LSU Report: Saban meets some Sooners at awards event
The Sporting News 12/21/2003 Mauck, LSU seek sweet conclusion
Times Picayune 12/20/2003 LSU kickers continue fight with consistency
Times Picayune 12/20/2003 Oklahoma: We're Worthy
Times Picayune 12/20/2003 Saban having a ball
The Advocate 12/20/2003 LSU programs prepare players for media onslaught
The Advocate 12/20/2003 Sooners: Pride, more on line in Sugar Bowl
The Advocate 12/20/2003 LSU student argues ticket-prices appeal
Shreveport Times 12/20/2003 LSU, OU get down to business
Shreveport Times 12/20/2003 Sooners coach miffed at negatives thrown at team since its loss
Associated Press 12/20/2003 Fisher withdraws from consideration for Cincinnati job
OU Insider 12/19/2003 Stoops on LSU
LSU Sports 12/19/2003 Zephyr Stadium to be Opened to RV Parking and Tailgating
Shreveport Times 12/19/2003 Q & A: Billy Cannon
Associated Press 12/19/2003 Oklahoma Stews Over Criticism of Bowl Bid
LSU Sports 12/19/2003 LSU to Hold Live TV, Radio Shows From New Orleans
Sports Illustrated 12/19/2003 Recruiting Watch: LSU checks in at No. 1, but USC, others are on Tigers' heels
Shreveport Times 12/19/2003 Saban, Tigers ready to go
Shreveport Times 12/19/2003 Saban addresses NFL talk
Times Picayune 12/19/2003 Saban orders the usual for LSU in Sugar
Times Picayune 12/19/2003 Saban not underrating OU
Times Picayune 12/19/2003 Impastato defends ticket purchase
Monroe News Star 12/19/2003 Saban won't budge from his weekly 'game plan'
The Advocate 12/19/2003 Tigers return to work for Sugar Bowl
The Advocate 12/19/2003 Saban denies any interest in leaving LSU
The Advocate 12/19/2003 LSU Notebook 12/19/03
Lafayette Advertiser 12/19/2003 Getting serious again
Associated Press 12/19/2003 Survey: Coaches regret decision
LSU Sports 12/18/2003 Saban Addresses Media at Sugar Bowl Press Luncheon
The Advocate 12/18/2003 Former LSU players recall 'near misses'
The Advocate 12/18/2003 LSU scraps big-screen viewing for Sugar Bowl
The Advocate 12/18/2003 LSU Notebook 12/18/03
The Advocate 12/18/2003 LSU football players speak at school
The Advocate 12/18/2003 LSU fans' creativity challenged for tickets
Times Picayune 12/18/2003 Restaurateur snags 1,000 tickets
Shreveport Times 12/18/2003 LSU's Chad Lavalais takes SEC honor
LSU Sports 12/17/2003 Saban to Hold Press Luncheon; Tigers Set to Return to Practice
LSU Sports 12/17/2003 Lavalais Named SEC Defensive Player of the Year
New York Daily News 12/17/2003 Saban is high on Giants' list of candidates to replace Fassel
Associated Press 12/17/2003 After short rest, LSU begins preparations for Sugar Bowl
The Ascension Citizen 12/17/2003 Chinese Bandit Bourque recalls 1958 championship season
The Advocate 12/17/2003 Web site writer pegged LSU in title game
The Advocate 12/17/2003 Bizzaro Bowl: LSU vs. OU
The Advocate 12/17/2003 Hanagriff didn't miss by much on perfect season
Times Picayune 12/17/2003 LSU relishing quiet time
Times Picayune 12/17/2003 Sugar Bowl should divvy up tickets differently
Times Picayune 12/17/2003 Fans won't be able to watch title game at New Orleans Arena
Shreveport Times 12/17/2003 Is NFL next for Saban, Stoops?
Detroit Free Press 12/16/2003 Sugar winner to be Carr's No. 1 pick in coaches' poll
CBS SportsLine 12/16/2003 'Tis the season for BCS folly, but it's good as Gould
Local Content 12/16/2003 'Twas the night before the Sugar Bowl
The Advocate 12/16/2003 Lavalais grabs first-team All-America honors
The Advocate 12/16/2003 Calm before the storm
The Advocate 12/16/2003 Rummel safety Steltz commits to LSU after Saban visit
Shreveport Times 12/16/2003 LSU, OU success built on recruiting
Associated Press 12/15/2003 AP All American Teams: 1st - Lavalais, 2nd - Peterman, Webster & Wilkerson, 3rd - Clayton & Green
The Advocate 12/15/2003 AP too close to BCS mess
The Advocate 12/15/2003 Carville passionate about Tigers, BCS
Shreveport Times 12/15/2003 Tigers go into title game as underdog
Times Picayune 12/14/2003 Unlike '58, LSU has to wait
Times Picayune 12/14/2003 LSU fans on prowl for Sugar Bowl tickets
Times Picayune 12/14/2003 Two-yard run looms large in big season
Shreveport Times 12/14/2003 Tech coach plans to vote Sugar Bowl winner No. 1
Shreveport Times 12/14/2003 NFL Tigers revel in LSU's success
The Town Talk 12/14/2003 BCS fiasco really media's fault
The Town Talk 12/14/2003 'Don't cry for USC; BCS makes right call
Tallahassee Democrat 12/14/2003 Determining No. 1 shouldn't be this tough
The Advocate 12/14/2003 It's LSU vs. OU as it should be
The Advocate 12/14/2003 Dumars, Saban share bond from days in Michigan
The Advocate 12/14/2003 Something to force one back to work
LSU Sports 12/14/2003 UPS to begin Sugar Bowl Ticket Delivery on Tuesday
Commercial Appeal 12/14/2003 Talk angers ugly-duckling OU
The Advocate 12/13/2003 Honors keep piling up for LSU's Lavalais
The Advocate 12/13/2003 How 'bout them Tigers!
Times Picayune 12/13/2003 Three Tigers receive All-America honors
Shreveport Times 12/13/2003 LSU lacking in honors, recognition
Sports Illustrated 12/12/2003 College football should play a true national title game after the bowls
LSU Sports 12/12/2003 Lavalais Adds Walter Camp Selection to Accolades
LSU Sports 12/12/2003 ESPN Names Three Tigers First-Team All-America
Georgia Daily Citizen 12/12/2003 Saban content to stay with a good thing
Times Picayune 12/12/2003 LSU: A Year in Review
Shreveport Times 12/12/2003 Q and A with CBS Sports and The Sporting News' Tim Brando
The Advocate 12/12/2003 AP names LSU leader coach of year
The Advocate 12/12/2003 Controversy brewing in coaches poll?
The Advocate 12/12/2003 LSU's Landry, Zinger earn SEC All-Freshmen honors
College Football News 12/12/2003 Lavalais leads CFN's 2003 All-America Defense
College Football News 12/12/2003 College Football Awards: Which players won the award and which should've won
New York Times 12/12/2003 A Perennial Coaching Candidate Warms to L.S.U.
Houston Chronicle 12/11/2003 Sugar Bowl coaches may field sweet NFL offers
ESPN 12/11/2003 ESPN's Page 2's "Real" BCS Playoff semifinals: LSU vs. USC
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/11/2003 Hottest ticket around
USA Today 12/11/2003 Plenty of fault to spread around in BCS mess
ESPN 12/11/2003 Home Depot 2003 College Football Awards live on ESPN, Thursday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. CST
College Football News 12/11/2003 Cavalcade of Whimsy: Are you REALLY so sure that USC is number one?
Dallas Star-Telegram 12/11/2003 Oklahoma's loss exposes BCS' fraud
Knight Ridder Newspapers 12/11/2003 Professor who developed one of computer models for BCS speaks
Associated Press 12/11/2003 Saban named AP Coach of the Year
The Advocate 12/11/2003 Lavalais one of 3 finalists for Outland
The Advocate 12/11/2003 LSU Notebook 12/11/03
Times Picayune 12/11/2003 QB Mauck undecided on return next season
Times Picayune 12/11/2003 Coaches can vote for No. 1
Shreveport Times 12/11/2003 'Old' Tigers help LSU
Shreveport Times 12/11/2003 No chance of Tigers facing USC in preseason Classic
ESPN 12/10/2003 A single extra game might be acceptable
Navy Sports 12/10/2003 Saban named as Semifinalist For Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award
CBS SportsLine 12/10/2003 Coaches poll could name Southern Cal No. 1 after Sugar Bowl
Sports Illustrated 12/10/2003 Coach of the year: Saban, 1st Team: Lavalais, Peterman, & Green, 2nd Team: Webster
The Advocate 12/10/2003 LSU players show good character
The Advocate 12/10/2003 Horses, pillow fights and nerds
Shreveport Times 12/10/2003 LSU expects strong recruiting finish
Times Picayune 12/10/2003 LSU edge took all season
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/10/2003 Tale of the tape
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/10/2003 Tigers earn elite SEC status
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/10/2003 Toughest ticket ever?
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/10/2003 Best and Worst of 2003
Independent Tiger Weekly 12/10/2003 Tigers get their shot at history
USA Today 12/10/2003 BCS officials already discussing changes
LSU Sports 12/09/2003 Three Tigers Selected to Coaches' First-Team All-SEC, Four to Second-Team
Washington Post 12/09/2003 The BCS May Need Fixing, But How?
Associated Press 12/09/2003 Sold-Out Sugar Bowl Sets Off Ticket Craze
Scripps Howard News 12/09/2003 Even sportswriters err in ranking teams
Indianapolis Star 12/09/2003 Sagarin, others offer no apologies for putting Oklahoma & LSU in championship game
Associated Press 12/09/2003 Big-time football has lost all perspective
Orange County Register 12/09/2003 Some coaches might defy agreement, vote USC No. 1 if Trojans win
Associated Press 12/09/2003 Stoops: No shame being No. 1 in BCS
Associated Press 12/09/2003 Legislators get sweet deal for Sugar Bowl tickets
The Advocate 12/09/2003 Tigers get 6 on AP's first-team All-SEC list
The Advocate 12/09/2003 Saban will likely be rewarded with new contract after bowl
The Advocate 12/09/2003 'Hart' of 1958 Tigers says national championship will change life
The Advocate 12/09/2003 Historic season for LSU football
The Advocate 12/09/2003 LSU notebook 12/09/03
Times Picayune 12/09/2003 11 Tigers on AP's All-SEC team
Times Picayune 12/09/2003 BCS still can't get it right
Times Picayune 12/09/2003 Bowl system bashing escalates
Times Picayune 12/09/2003 Sugar Bowl tickets are hard to get but LSU souvenirs are flying off the shelves
Times Picayune 12/09/2003 Vincent worth waiting for
Shreveport Times 12/09/2003 Everything goes right for Tigers en route to the Sugar Bowl
LSU Sports 12/08/2003 Sugar Bowl Ticket Allocation Plans Announced
CBS SportsLine 12/08/2003 Tigers report: Inside slant
The Advocate 12/08/2003 How sweet it is! LSU to play O.U. for national championship
The Advocate 12/08/2003 New Orleans bracing for LSU faithful
The Advocate 12/08/2003 Everything starts with No. 2 Tigers
The Advocate 12/08/2003 LSU goes back to basics in win
Times Picayune 12/08/2003 LSU to play Oklahoma in BCS championship game
Times Picayune 12/08/2003 LSU tickets sweet commodity
Times Picayune 12/08/2003 Sugar rush has the Tigers excited
Shreveport Times 12/08/2003 LSU to taste Sugar
Shreveport Times 12/08/2003 Just when you said it couldn't get worse
Shreveport Times 12/08/2003 Tigers' Sugar Bowl has magical boost
LSU Sports 12/07/2003 It's LSU vs. Oklahoma for the National Championship
ESPN 12/07/2003 USC finishes 0.16 points out
USA Today 12/07/2003 BCS calls for Oklahoma, LSU match-up in Sugar Bowl
ESPN 12/07/2003 Title game likely Sooners vs. LSU
ESPN 12/07/2003 Tigers likely to pass Trojans
The Advocate 12/07/2003 Landslide: LSU 34, Georgia 13
The Advocate 12/07/2003 Vincent, LSU rout Georgia for SEC title
The Advocate 12/07/2003 Miscues doom Georgia in championship game loss
The Advocate 12/07/2003 Justin Time
Times Picayune 12/07/2003 Announcer saw LSU's grand season coming
Times Picayune 12/07/2003 LSU defense pounds Dawgs
Times Picayune 12/07/2003 Statement Made
Times Picayune 12/07/2003 The question should be who will Tigers face in Sugar Bowl?
Times Picayune 12/07/2003 Vincent runs long and hard
Shreveport Times 12/07/2003 LSU 34, Georgia 13: Tigers may have chance at national title
Associated Press 12/07/2003 Tigers make loud statement
Associated Press 12/07/2003 Chaos reigns in BCS standings
Associated Press 12/07/2003 Tigers make strong BCS case by dominating Bulldogs
Sports Illustrated 12/07/2003 LSU confounds Georgia's offense, then gets confused by BCS
LSU Sports 12/07/2003 Twice As Sweet: Vincent, Defense Lead Tigers to SEC Title
The Advocate 12/06/2003 LSU-Georgia II: The Sequel
The Advocate 12/06/2003 LSU close to SEC elite
The Advocate 12/06/2003 Saban finds time for give and take
The Advocate 12/06/2003 Guessing game ends for Richt tonight
The Advocate 12/06/2003 LSU Notebook: Saban shoots down Nebraska rumors
Times Picayune 12/06/2003 Georgia expecting more LSU blitzes
Times Picayune 12/06/2003 LSU Insider
Times Picayune 12/06/2003 LSU proves it can win in variety of ways
Shreveport Times 12/06/2003 Tigers face Georgia again with SEC title on line
Shreveport Times 12/06/2003 LSU's journey to Atlanta began in 2002
Shreveport Times 12/06/2003 LSU freshmen bust out
Shreveport Times 12/06/2003 Mauck returns to site of his first Tigers triumph
The Town Talk 12/06/2003 Tigers, Bulldogs both much improved since last meeting
Athens Banner-Herald 12/06/2003 Despite problems, Bulldogs in title game
Athens Banner-Herald 12/06/2003 Breakdown: Bulldogs vs. Tigers
Athens Banner-Herald 12/06/2003 Bulldogs Notebook
Athens Banner-Herald 12/06/2003 Bitter defeat provided key to LSU's 2003 success
Athens Banner-Herald 12/06/2003 CBS announcers know Bulldogs and Tigers well
Macon Telegraph 12/06/2003 Breakdown: Georgia vs. LSU
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/06/2003 'Big-time game' tonight for LSU
Washington Post 12/06/2003 BCS: Human + Computers = Confusion
Knight Ridder Newspapers 12/05/2003 USC, LSU are counting on the Irish
Associated Press 12/05/2003 A look at Saturday's Southeastern Conference championship game
LSU Sports 12/05/2003 It's LSU vs. Georgia for the 2003 SEC Championship!
Associated Press 12/05/2003 Spoiler two years ago, LSU plays different role in SEC championship
Dawg Post 12/05/2003 How did Georgia lose the 1st Game?
Dawg Post 12/05/2003 The Breakdown
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/05/2003 Touted as NFL's 'next coach,' Saban priming LSU for titles right now
LSU Sports 12/05/2003 Coaches Address Media at SEC Championship Game Luncheon
ESPN 12/05/2003 Syracuse-ND may be the biggest game
Commercial Appeal 12/05/2003 SEC defensive stars share common experiences
Sports Illustrated 12/05/2003 Will championship weekend decide Sugar Bowl, or will computers?
The Advocate 12/05/2003 Georgia Seeking payback
The Advocate 12/05/2003 AP poll voters in quandary over who to rank second
The Advocate 12/05/2003 USC fans oblivious to LSU? But players are well aware
The Advocate 12/05/2003 Colley Matrix poll could decide LSU's bowl fate
The Advocate 12/05/2003 LSU notebook 12/05/03
Times Picayune 12/05/2003 Georgia's Bennett wants to atone for poor game at LSU
Times Picayune 12/05/2003 Up for Grabs
Times Picayune 12/05/2003 Saban: Lavalais having award-winning season
Times Picayune 12/05/2003 LSU or USC? Gentlemen of the Jury
Shreveport Times 12/05/2003 Tim Brando: LSU hurt by SEC title game opponent
Shreveport Times 12/05/2003 Pressure packed
Shreveport Times 12/05/2003 LSU players want to avoid title-game upset
Athens Banner-Herald 12/05/2003 Richt engine of Georgia program on the rise - Q&A
Athens Banner-Herald 12/05/2003 Saban has LSU headed in the right direction - Q&A
Macon Telegraph 12/05/2003 Dogs wary of LSU's pass rush
College Football News 12/04/2003 SEC Championship - Georgia vs. LSU
USA Today 12/04/2003 Georgia ready to make run at back-to-back SEC titles
USA Today 12/04/2003 Overlooked Oregon State believes it can end USC's run
Associated Press 12/04/2003 Georgia Faces LSU in Rematch for SEC Title
Associated Press 12/04/2003 History goes both ways for Tigers in Georgia Dome rematch with Georgia
Associated Press 12/04/2003 Saban convinces his players two in a row isn't harder
LSU Sports 12/04/2003 Webster Named First-Team All-America by AFCA
LSU Sports 12/04/2003 Wilkerson Named a Finalist for the Rimington Trophy
Cox News Service 12/04/2003 Higher ranking would be sweet as sugar for LSU
Times Picayune 12/04/2003 Tigers seek title to validate success
Times Picayune 12/04/2003 Fine Line
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The Advocate 12/04/2003 Timing, tradition and poll physics
The Advocate 12/04/2003 Close losses magnified Georgia kicker's misses
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Shreveport Times 12/04/2003 LSU bowl Q & A
Shreveport Times 12/04/2003 Tigers Report: LSU garners attention on Wall Street
The Town talk 12/04/2003 Young guns make impact for LSU
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/04/2003 Tigers hoping a win will put them in national title game
Athens Banner-Herald 12/04/2003 Bulldogs looking for redemption
Athens Banner-Herald 12/04/2003 Bulldog Notebook
Athens Banner-Herald 12/04/2003 LSU offense clicking behind Mauck
Macon Telegraph 12/04/2003 Title game's offensive tradition could end
LSU Reveille 12/03/2003 Opportunities abound in Atlanta
USA Today 12/03/2003 Pac-10 at a loss over BCS
New York Times 12/03/2003 In the College Bowl Race, the Crucial Players Are the Programmers
LSU Sports 12/03/2003 No. 3 LSU Continues to Prepare for No. 5 Georgia
Biloxi Sun Herald 12/03/2003 LSU's Clayton a man to watch in SEC title game
LSU Sports 12/03/2003 Tigers to be Featured on SEC-TV This Week
LSU Sports 12/03/2003 ESPN'S Rocket Ismail Spends Day With Tiger Defense
Dawg Post 12/03/2003 Nation's Top 2 Defenses Showcased
Associated Press 12/03/2003 Saban says title game just about good football
Online Athens 12/03/2003 LSU might be too tough for Bulldogs
Online Athens 12/03/2003 Bulldogs hope to have solved their problems
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CBS SportsLine 12/03/2003 Bulldogs report: Inside slant
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Independent Tiger Weekly 12/03/2003 Spears enjoying success
Times Picayune 12/03/2003 Healthy Georgia presents different challenge
Times Picayune 12/03/2003 Secret to LSU's success has been Saban's defense
Times Picayune 12/03/2003 Tigers are steps ahead of Saban's timetable
Lafayette Advertiser 12/03/2003 LSUís task changes
LSU Reveille 12/03/2003 Saban: Teacher of Champions
LSU Reveille 12/03/2003 In the Huddle
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The Advocate 12/03/2003 Trying to make sense of the BCS
The Advocate 12/03/2003 LSU notebook 12/03/03
Shreveport Times 12/03/2003 LSU seeks air supremacy
Shreveport Times 12/03/2003 Georgia secondary ready
Shreveport Times 12/03/2003 Last game against Georgia was physical
Online Athens 12/03/2003 LSU defense found holes in first meeting
Associated Press 12/02/2003 LSU sticks to the routine before title game
Tiger Rag 12/02/2003 Time flies when you're having fun
Times Picayune 12/02/2003 Freshmen filling key positions for Tigers
Times Picayune 12/02/2003 LSU still has sweet dreams
Times Picayune 12/02/2003 LSU, USC could have averted this BCS mess
Times Picayune 12/02/2003 Revenge not a factor
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Macon Telegraph 12/02/2003 LSU defense still may be a problem for UGA
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The Advocate 12/02/2003 LSU gains, could move to No. 2 in BCS
The Advocate 12/02/2003 Georgia happy with second chance against LSU in title game
The Advocate 12/02/2003 LSU notebook 12/02/03
The Advocate 12/02/2003 Lavalais named Outland finalist
Shreveport Times 12/02/2003 Saban doesn't want overconfidence
Shreveport Times 12/02/2003 Tigers chip into Trojans' BCS lead
Shreveport Times 12/02/2003 Behind computer rankings there is human touch
Commercial Appeal 12/02/2003 LSU, Georgia QBs have fond memories of dome
LSU Reveille 12/02/2003 Saban praises fans for consistent support
LSU Reveille 12/02/2003 Program has come long way since 1999
ESPN 12/01/2003 Chat with Brad Edwards
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Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/01/2003 LSU gains, could move to No. 2 in BCS
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/01/2003 Mauck grows in confidence
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/01/2003 Lavalais leads LSU's 'Jailbreak Defense'
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/01/2003 Matchup to watch: Thornton vs. LSU's Clayton
Associated Press 12/01/2003 LSU creeps closer to USC
Associated Press 12/01/2003 Georgia Gets Another 'Home' Game for SEC
SEC Sports 12/01/2003 SEC Football Championship Players Press Conference
LSU Sports 12/01/2003 Saban Addresses Media at Weekly Luncheon
LSU Sports 12/01/2003 Lavalais Selected as a Finalist for the Outland Trophy
Times Picayune 12/01/2003 LSU, Georgia facing history
Times Picayune 12/01/2003 Tigers facing tough odds
COX News Service 12/01/2003 LSU fans, pull out those calculators
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/01/2003 Tickets scarce for SEC title game
Sports Illustrated 12/01/2003 Notre Dame-Syracuse winner could determine who plays for national title
The Advocate 12/01/2003 Ready for Georgia
The Advocate 12/01/2003 Preparation for Bulldogs started early for Saban
The Advocate 12/01/2003 LSU gaining ground in polls
Shreveport Times 12/01/2003 Tigers seek an encore
Shreveport Times 12/01/2003 LSU needs help to reach national title game
USA Today 12/01/2003 Sweet dreams: Sugar Bowl race tight
Online Athens 12/01/2003 Tigers now team with title hopes
Knoxville News 12/01/2003 Numbers favor LSU in battle for No. 2